Two Questions

Ok two questions. Is there any such thing as emulators for Saturn. You know, not emulators that emulate a Saturn, but emulators that you can run on a Saturn. Also, are there any translation patches for Saturn Games?
There are one or two emulators for the Saturn. One is a port of SMS Plus the other is an arcade(?) emulator called Pheonix. Neither run at an acceptable speed or support much, but if you are interested they are available.
To answer your second question, yes, their is one translation patch currently available for Lagrisser 3, but it only translates the battle text, nothing story related yet. Their are also several others being worked on that have not been released yet for games such as Saturns version of Snatcher, Blueseed, and Shining Force 3 sc2. Their may be more, but those are all the ones I currently know of.