Has anyone seen the PS2 ad they have late at night on the scifi channel? where some bloke eats a playstation 2? it rocks!!!! he eats the shock controller like its a lobster, goes on to an appetiser of iced memory cards with lemon juice, then eats the contents of the PS2 like its pasta, spitting out capacitors like bones, he has the stand with his coffee, the waiter goes on to say that the hard drive and networking will be in season too - its great ad.

is it played in the states? anyone in the UK have a capture card?

are the US ads any better?
That ad sounds outright retarded... Most every game/system commercial in the US for the past 6 or so years has either been fucking hilarious or fucking awesome. Regardless, I don't watch much TV these days, what with all my favorite shows getting preempted for RERUNS OF CELEBRITY BOXING and OTHER STUPID SHIT....
Game ads are alwyas something strange...anyone remeber those retarded Dreamcast ads with the four guys meking haircuts?Or with the kids?I think those must be the worst i've ever seen. :)
i have seen then mentioned advert, and i can assure you it sucks worse than any games advert i remember

i like the i am the wolfman adverts, but thats mainly due to the fact that that is the nickname fo someone at work

cheack for a low quality mpeg of that ad, im sure scee have the others up somewhere