Unfinished RPGs

Okay, here's a video game related topic I've been wanting to ask for a while. I've been aware for sometime that I have a tendency to leave RPGs before I complete them for extended periods of time. I'm actually at different progress points for a number of them. What I want is a list of any RPGs that you've started and have yet to complete for any reason (eg. no free time, loss/diversion of interest, etc.) I want to see if everyone else is as bad as I am at this.

Lunar: Eternal Blue (probably over a year now since I put it down, close to end)

Panzer Dragoon Saga (I'd say about 8 months abandoned, mid way)

Phantasy Star I (close to beginning, at least 6 months)

Albert Odyssey (over a year as well, end boss)

Skies of Arcadia (about 4 months, still on first disc)

Grandia 2 (only 2 months, but I've been making a real effort to get through it, about 3/4 done with it)

Shining Force III (I'd say about 8 months as well, can't even remember where I am)

All these games have been started with every intention of getting through them. I could say PSII and IV, but I haven't really sat down with them (mostly cuz I need to put new batteries in them). School, work, and personal life are all to blame. I want to finish them all but I've no real time. I want to know if other people out there have the same problem to the extent that I do. They don't have to be Sega either, or RPGs I guess, but I think people get the point.
Final Fantasy VI (Got to the break up point, but lost interest due to, my not liking the game all that much)

Final Fantasy V (got to the ship graveyard plce, right after you get your first jobs)
final fantasy 2j: only read an FAQ just for some help but ended up ruining the whole story, stopped i think when you have to get the sunflame at kashoun

final fantasy 4: got bored
stopped right after cecil became a paladin

xenogears: last part is VERY hard, stopped near the end inside sin
Shenmue II (UK version): It's been 8 months since I first bought this game from GamePlay. Last left off on disc 1 where Ryo's looking for that guy at the Yan Tin Apartments. Haven't been playing and finishing this game as I should. Aside from work, been spending too much time on messageboards and chat clients with friends.
Quadriflax, I feel your pain. While I haven't attempted to play as many RPG's, I'm probably just as bad.

Skies Of Arcadia: It's probably 6 months or so since I've played this game. I just finished that part where I got out of the pyramid. Probably close in begining.

Final Fantasy VII: Borrowed the game from a friend to expeirence the "greatest RPG of all time" (his words, not mine). Put in 10 hours and just stopped playing. It's been about a year since I last played

Grandia II: This one is a kinda. I got the game for Christmas in 2000 and didn't finish untill late August 2001

It's not just RPG's I do this with.

Shenmue II: Got the game as soon as I could (a week after it came out in Europe) to disc 3 in a week, sold the game 2 months ago.

Resident Evil GCN: Got this game day 1. Put in 8 hours, haven't touched it in 3 months.

Eternal Darkness: Put in 7 hours. Haven't played it in a month. Probably won't play it for another 2 months either.

It's not that the games suck, or that I don't enjoy it, it's just that I just don't want to play for a while, or (mainly with RPG's), I don't get a grasp on the battle system for a while.

Final Fantasy III

Zelda III

Final Fantasy IX

Front Mission 3

Lunar: SSSC

Brave Fencer Musashi


Vandal Hearts

Star Ocean 2

Shining Force 3

Albert Odyssey

Parasite Eve

Chrono Cross

Magic Knight Rayearth

and last but not certainly not least:


I'm not very good at finishing my RPGs

I stopped playing all of these out of boredom, except SegaGaGa, I couldn't figure out the Developing system. It baffles me, because I have the patience to beat Sakura Wars, but not Shining Force III ???
...oh yes! i know what your talking about, i love starting a game, then saying 'sod this i'm getting bored'

I have abandoned.....

Final Fantasy 7 - 1/2 way through disc 1

secret of mana - about 3/4 through the game

Zelda 3 - somewhere in the dark world...

shining force 3 - end of chapter 3

Final Fantasy 8 - just after the ballroom dance

chrono trigger - ?
I haven't abandoned it yet, but I've been playing Shining Force III scenario 1 on and off for about a year.

I'm up to the final battle, but haven't defeated the Skull mage yet...
Final Fantasy 2 (stupid thing keeps erasing my saves)

Parasite Eve (The sewer bats drove me to near insanity)

Wild Arms (Lost interest)

Thousand Arms (Don't even remember)

Shining Force 3 (Not my type of game)

Breath of Fire 2 (Random battles are too constant)

Xenogears (Found the games dungeons/forests annoying. Battle system was also dull)
Final Fantasy V (left to play PDS)

Final Fantasy IX (lost game)

Final Fantasy Tactics (lost interest, long battles)

Chrono Trigger (tryng for different ending, left to play Arc Lad)

Chrono Cross (lost interest, not as good as first)

Lunar 2 PSX (played through demo, but couldn't continue)

Suikoden 2 (lost interest, repetative combat)

Panzer Dragoon Saga (left to play DF)

Phantasy Star 3 (lost interest in 2nd time through)

Phantasy Star Online (lost interest)

This doesn't include games like PS2 ,4 and others I have save games on that I previously had finished.
Final Fantasy VII (pc)- Somewhere on disc 2, stopped playing it because it required drivers i hated for my ati rage 128 to play in hardware

Skies of Arcadia - Near the end of disc 2... my nephew had gone into the vmu menu and deleted a lot of stuff on the vmu

Earthbound - Got all the way to gigyas, couldn't beat him, didn't feel like gaining more experience.

Dragon Warrior II - My NES is evil. Damn blinking reseting thing. I got as far as a little bit after getting the third companion

Phantasy Star III - let my friend borrow the game... never got it back. (shakes head)

Shining Force II - made it to the battle before zeon, with out cheating like I did the next time i played it... I still haven't beaten it.

Shining in the Darkness - stopped playing it for a while, and forgot my way around.

Miracle Warriors - I forgot why... pretty neat game.. I think I'm gonna play some a little later.
Dark Savior, took a 6 month absence and I had three of five parallels done

FF7, I started playing this at the beginning on the school year, but then got too busy and took a 4 month absence and finished during winter break

Grandia 2, took a two week absence from it this summer and thats cause I was backpacking during that time (A computer can get kinda heavy if its on the trail with you) I beat it in about 24 hours with all maxed out characters

PDS, the longest time I've ever spent playing a RPG straight was this one

Zelda I, beat it straight through with out dying once, not getting any extra hearts, and not even getting the Magical Sword. Yeah I used to be obsessed with that game

Zelda II, it's been a couple years since I played this one, I am still partially through it, but I havent hooked up my nintendo in a long time

Zelda III, I beat it once, and I've been playing it again over the past few months
this is gonna be shameful

panzer dragoon saga

shining force 3

final fantasy 8

final fantasy 9

grandia 2

skies of arcadia

theres more but i forget, hell i've finished 2games in the last 3years or so
Ack, way too many RPG's to list. I've never really played a RPG I disliked. I've finished most of the 8bit and 16bit RPG's, but I've probably only finished about a half dozen 32bit+ RPG's. Keep in mind that I own nigh all of the English RPG's released.
The Legend of Zelda - 2nd quest, currently searching for levels 6 and 8 (I'll find them, sooner or later)

Final Fantasy II NES - currently have Minh and building up all charaters Magic (cure, fire), Weapons, and other stats, up to their maximum (16 for magic, 6 for most weapons, ?? for bows)

Final Fantasy III NES - yet to start

Dragon Warrior 2 - more interested in FFII, around the first castle that is in the marsh

Dungeons and Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun - busy maxing out all character's levels before losing the town; gaining gold as well

Shining Force (oddly the second Shining game after Darkness) - difficult battle after RuneFaust, always lose 5 guys after each hit once.

Final Fantasy 2 USA - completed once, going through again, as it's more fun that FF VI

FF V Dejap - maxing out each character's jobs before moving on, currently have the dragon.

FFMQ - more interested in how long it takes to gain 99 seeds in the Bone Dungeon (already done with bombs and Heal and Cure Potions, will do with Refreshers later), no real time for it, and not a high priority

Tales of Phantasia - got to the Lizardmen infested forest southwest of Alvanista in the Past. tough time there.

(medicine grants immunity to petrify during battle)
Secret of Evermore(SNES) - played it a few hours and hated it

Abadox(NES) - impossible to beat unless you have a game genie, I say!

FF8 - hated it,never got out of the first city

Quest for Glory V(PC) - just wasn't as good as the others, somewhere after becoming a member of the Thieves guild

most of the rest I have finished...
Originally posted by wolfofwere@Aug. 18 2002, 11:34 pm

Secret of Evermore(SNES) - played it a few hours and hated it

Abadox(NES) - impossible to beat unless you have a game genie, I say!

FF8 - hated it,never got out of the first city

Quest for Glory V(PC) - just wasn't as good as the others, somewhere after becoming a member of the Thieves guild

most of the rest I have finished...

SoE is okay, if you forget it's a SoM clone, with horrible alchemy system.

Adabox can be beaten without Game Genie, I've done it a million time my self


FF8, I quit playing the series after FFVII fell short of my expectations

a whole ton of people hated it.

never played Quest for Glory
ah, come on, give square of america some credit. I think the alchemy system was pretty creative, It was refreshing to find a system of magic where it's variations didn't rely on one sole attribute (mp). And the soundtrack was pretty damn good.
the part I hated, was that you could only carry 99 of each ingrediang, and many spells used 5 or 6 of one ingrediant, which limited the times you could cast a different spell, without refueling. I hated having to watch the ingrediants, especially since only a few spells were any good.

I prefer simple magic systems, like those in any FF game.

I completed it several times, with very low usage of magic., even getting infinite shots for the bazooka.