Unfinished RPGs

Suikoden 2

Beyond the Beyond

Legend of Oasis

Shining Force CD Book 3
hmm....my rpgs i ain't finished...? well, they are as followed:

1.Beyond the beyond

2.Breath of fire4

3.Final Fantasy8

4.Final Fantasy9

5.Final Fantasy10

6.Vagrant Story

7.Chocobo's mysterious dungeon2(it sucked badly, thus i didn'tcomplete the game.)

8.Landstalker(couldn't whoop the last enemy ??? )

9.Legend of zelda:OoT

10.Legend of zelda:Oracle of time

11.Legend of zelda:Oracle of seasons

12.Lunar:Eternal Blue complete(Is actually looking for the sega cd version currently..saw Lunar:silver star story and realized it was diff. for sega cd. then my psx ver. if anyone can tell me where to find it, it would be much appreciated.)

13.Final Fantasy Tactics

14.Elemental gear bolt


....i think that's about it....i really need to pick back up on most of these, but due to lack of fundage....o0(remember, all donations can be made to me, via check or money order
jk.) well anyways, later all...


[/quote]"Not Ghaleon, Dear Quark...Magic Empiror Ghaleon!!"...*sorry couldn't help myself
ive finished about all the rpg's ive ever started..the only ones that i havent were

ff3j....(damn near impossible..try atma weapon..*@&*!@^*

beyond the beyond..(it actually is impossible to beat this game psx1 version)

ogre battle...(still working on it..but some of the battles..are ridiculous)

vandal harts..(last boss was satan re-encarnent)
hmm...i figured i would re post because my friend fly brought up a point to me after he posted..i actually only played beyond the beyond,Legend of zelda: oracles of time/seasons, breath of fire 4, and chocobo's mysterious dungeon. the rest of those, i was helping him with puzzles/stratagies but, never actually did any play time...i feel retaded now... guess i really need to get alot of those back,ehh?