urusei yatsura

am i alone in thinking this series is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

finally got v.6 of the t.v. series today

don't think i've laughed that hard since i got volume 2.

no i take that back.

right before watching it i went to my local liquor store and got a bottle of pear cider then i went otuside to the gumball machines and put 50 cents into the "hommies" keychain dispenser and got a ricky martin necklace out of it. i think i stopped traffic with my demonic laughter over that. wonder if that's the universes way of telling me i should be gay?
No, I think it's telling you that you ARE gay. The universe would never tell you that you should be gay.
gayness is good for gay people.

i should be gay but i don't enjoy sex with other men so there's really no point.

maybe i should just cut my penis off and lobotomize myself. i'd at least save my govt. the trouble of doing it for me when patriot act v.2 gets passed