US Model 2 US/JAP Switch HELP

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I am wondering if anyone has an accurate Language US/JAP switch diagram for a US Model 2 Gene...

I talked with DjoeN and used his PAL Model 2 Gene guide and he confirmed after seeing pics of my board that it should work for my US genesis just like his by following his guide.

I didn't have to cut any trace, since there was none... I soldered the two wires to the JP like he has it and to the gnd on the side metal...

When I have the switch one way everything plays fine like normal, but when I flip it the other way *assuming JAP mode* no LED light powers on and the genesis doesn't even boot up. <_<

If you need pics to see I can post em... DjoeN has been trying to help me, but he is always gone or busy. He is actually stumped kinda too, like me.

I have seen the guide written by Mark or whatever, by scrapping around the via to expose the copper in a diamond pattern... But I don't get that guide, and DjoeN says he does it the hard way... So if anyone can give me a new diagram/write one/or help me with this I would appreciate it.
if it doesn't turn on, you got a short. chances are you got the wrong jumper.

sounds like your "jp mode" point is actually a 5V point.
Arakon, you think you could help me out with it? I got some pictures to show you..

If you could help, I would appreciate it.
Ok well here is the guide I used from DjoeN, even though it is for a PAL Megadrive II he told me he thought it would work... I didn't cut the trace in his pics because there was no trace to cut..

Here are the pics..

* Overview of Where the wires are -

* Shot of switch wired to board -

* Shot of switch wired to board 2 -

* Shot of switch wired to board 3-

* Diagram of what I did -
try swapping the 2 wires at the jumper around, you might have 5V in the middle and the jumper point to switch outside.
Ok I will try that, but it appears I have it the way his guide said so..

You want me to keep on the same jumper row, but just switch each wire to the vice versa spot. Correct?
just the two going to the jumpers. the guide doesn't apply to you directly since the US one is set up slightly different. one side of the jumper is 5V, the other sets the country.. so if you have them the wrong way, you connect GND to 5V in one switch setting, causing a short.
Ok when I swapped the two wires places.. The sega wouldnt power on at all with either switch position.

I resoldered the wires the way they were and the Sega works on the one side and when I switch it to the other.. Nothing, no power or anything.

I am wondering if I should try one wire on JP4?
An interesting bit.. I just tried putting the wires on the right hand side of JP3 and JP4.

At first I got nothing, no power on either side of the switch.

Then I switched both the wires spots and had the middle wire on the switch on JP3 right side and the other on JP4 right side and got the Sega working on one side of the switch and no power on the other, Just like before.

So I am lost.. If anyone can help, if you know which spots I should be soldering to Arakon, please do help

nevermind I figured it out.. I just have to solder directly to the Pin 107 for the middle point and draw the +5 and GND from anywhere.

Thanks though :)

P.S. - I will be writting a clear guide on how to do this for you US Genesis Model 2 owners ;) :smash