Virtua Cop Red ????

More than likely a typo on their end...I'm guessing VC Red = VC One, and VC Blue = VC Two.

More importantly though, has anyone used those Honeybee controllers? I've never seen them before. The clear one's look a lot like the genesis controllers.
There were two releases of Virtua Cop, a first press in 95 and a second one in 98 with a second press of Virtua Cop 2. In this rerelease, you could quickly make the difference between the two as VC's design's main color is red, whereas VC2's is blue. Hence some people just refered to them as Red and Blue.

This is the 95 version. To be more accurate, it was released on the 24th of november 1995.
I've got that version (came with the Japanese gun box set). There's nothing special about it as far as I know.