Weird 3DO problem

I got a japanese FZ-1 today, and it is acting a little strange. I have 15 japanese games, but just two or three works. 3DO just dont run the others games. All CDs are in mint condition with no scratches and when I put a game, like, Road Rash, it tries to read the CD and then just open the tray. I tried to clean the lens already, but nothing changed.

What do you think?

Did you buy it used or new? What I think is happening here is that the 3DO is opening up like that because it is getting no readable signal, and if those games are originals and in mint, that probly means your 3DO is not getting a signal period. this could mean its shot, but im not that sure about it. I just started to learn stuff about the system a couple of days ago, but that would be my basic tech assumption for a cd based system.
i've never taken apart a 3do, so take this with a grain of salt (thou it applies to every cd-based thingymajoo i've seen)

inside the unit as a part of the laser assembly there should be a small plastic screw which is a POT that controls the power to the laser. You could try turning this up, thus getting a lil more juice to the cd laser, mebbe correcting this problem.

This is akin to the trick used to make a DC or Saturn read cd-rw discs.

If you try this, do it very slowly and tentatively, remember where it was originally set, and measuring the resistance across it before you start would be a good idea. Try decreasing the resistance by mebbe 5% or so.

I;ve heard tell of people revitalizing TurboDuos and Sega CD units via this technique, as well as tweaking older CD players to play cd-rs and rws.

BTW, if your 15 jap games are backups, it may just be the media you burned them on, in which case this whole post is in vain..