Western digital hard drives


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Has anyone else noticed how badly western digital drives have gotten in the past 2 years? I was thinking of buying an 80 gig maxtor with ata 100 card included to run my ftp, but I want to know if they have gotten any better. Any comments would help.
ive played around with caviar drives before. Fast, large, reasonably priced, dont last long. I'm guessing aimed at the oem market :) IBM drives are pretty shite too, dont get one of those
i got an IBM Deskstar 40gig 60gpx 7200prm after my original WD died. have had 0 problems....so far
Mine just gets ridiculously fragmented when i barely do anything on my computer.

The Maxtor Drive is $295 Canadian with the PCI ata 100 card, 80 gig drive. is that a good deal? I figure i'd just use the WD for operating systems keep all my files on the 80 gigger.
I've got a 40 gig Western Digital as my primary drive, it's shite. It's slow and does this REALLY ANNOYING clicking sound a lot, although it hasn't gone corrupt touch wood...

My secondary is a 60 gig Maxtor, I would recommend these to anyone, fast and very reliable
I've always heard that Maxtor drives were pretty bad... I've always told people to go with either WD or Seagate. BUT, usually the more generic manufactured drives work better because the makers need to compete. Looking more for quality than quantity.
I've used nothing but Samsung drives since about '93'. They've never given me any trouble and I still have the original as a backup drive.
I've never once had any problems with either of my Western Digital, 8gig, 7gig, and 60gig. I've had them for almost a year now.
I have a couple WD drives and I've never had any problem with either. On the other hand, I've had about 3 Maxtor drives dead out of the box and 1 die after a bit of usage. I do still have a 100Meg SCSI drive made by Maxtor that still works, though.

The 120G WD drives are really nice; you should definately try getting one. You can pick one up for $179 (OEM).
Well.. I have had nothing but problems with western dig drives. All of them have failed at some point. I have two 12 gig maxtors that have been running since 1998 with no probs (except for 1 of them which keeps showing inaccurate disk space free, although I think thats a windows thing..) All of my new drives are maxtors as well...

So if you are keeping count, my vote goes to maxtor...
I've had my 15 GB WD for almost 3 years now I believe, no problems. I got a Maxtor 40 GB not even 6 months ago and it's also doing rather well. I've know people who swear by Maxtor and curse WD and people praise WD while wishing they never owned a Maxtor. I guess some of it's up to chance ???

I also have an old Seagate 3.2 GB (over 5 years now) and had no problems with it whatsoever in its time of service.
Whatever you do, just don't buy anything made by Connor Peripherals
I used to have an old Connor drive and dear god was it horrible. I was actually GLAD to get a Maxtor after that one.

Samsung I've heard good thing about but never got to use. Maybe I'll try a samsung when my WD's blow out.
I got a Maxtor 4gig drive about 5 years ago and have been using it all the time ever since and its never given even the slightest problem to me. in my experience Maxtor is a solid brand and their hardrives are amoung the best priced too (way cheaper then ANY WD drive for the same capacity) , right now you can buy a Maxtor 80gig 7200rpm ATA133 (thats right, 133, not 100) for only $190 canadian
. then about 3 years ago i got a 10gig Fujitsu and thats been a good performer as well over the years (although i havent seen Fujitsu drives around much these days)