What do you think of Sega's newly designed website?


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At first, I've read from several online sites mentioning the new design of Sega's official web site. Then I've actually visited it and I'm impressed, it looks so much better. So what are your first impressions about this?

BTW, I just realized that Sega is also using the same version Ikonboard as SX, except theirs is © 2001 while SX's is © 2000.
Gotta agree to that...A Sony machine on Sega's website? Wierd!

I found it interesting that the spotlighted developers for each console aren't what you would expect. Ex: Sonic Team is highlited on the GBA, but not the NGC. AM2 isn't even listed, even though they are making VF4 for the PS2...interesting. Instead Amusement Vision and United Game Artist are listed respectively.
Re: the © date on the boards...

That is just a small bit o' code in part of the program that Iceman and / or Arakon never bothered changing. If Sega really wanted, they could make it say just about any year they wanted...

Hmmm... Hey, Arakon, what say you make this board party like it is 2099?
As for the design itself, I like it better than any previous one that Sega had... but it isn't right having all of those non-Sega consoles listed there! I guess I'll have to get used to it though, like it or not.
I think its much better than the old one .. still not many features tho .. also i think that the reason Sega put Sony and the other machines links or whatever in their website because of the desicion they took to make only games for other machines since the problem with Dreamcast because of the f*cken people that don realize the true power of Sega.