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Hey I was just curious what kind of people we have around here.

I know we have a lot of high school and college students, but there's some of us "older" people here too.

Students are free to post -- if you want to post your major/minor, go ahead.

Anyway, I'm a COBOL programmer. Actually I'm probably one of the youngest COBOL programmers in the country since hardly any schools teach it anymore. All the guys I work with have kids my age
I work at America's oldest continuiously running theme park, Lake Compounce. I actually teach people how to operate rollercoasters, a trolley from 1919, a carosuel from 1911, and a few other rides.
I'm a "non-traditional" college student in her last semester, doing an unpaid internship at an elementary school. YAY!

As for my paying job, I am a "telephone service rep" for this company that answers phones for various clients. If you've ever had to call Brunswick for any reason, you've called us.
Right now Im a dumpster diver !! kidding

College student , aa then ba business and marketing major .

Im in the reserves so I get paid to go to school !

I sell arcade games on ebay for extra money .

My usuall jobs are in the sales and advertising arena and my last job was doing land surveying for an engineering company .
I run a shop selling weapons, armour and potions to weary travellers trying to save the world. We get the odd Pheonix Down in from time to time, but it's mostly standard stuff.
I send newspapers to advertising agencies who, for some reason, need three copies of everything just so they can verify one single ad that they ran in our paper on behalf of their client.

I also distribute statistical reports for the classified department where I work... take care of other mailings as well... I mail an awful lot... simple job, actually.
Until recently I was a tester at Infogrames, but that unfortunately came to an end. Maybe it's a good thing cos when you play games anything from 40-80 hours a week it puts you off turning the Dreamcast on when you get home.

Now I work for an ISP called PlusNet, testing to keep their websites and applications in tip-top shape.
I work as a Head Electrician at the Alexander Theatre at Monash University.

Plainly speaking, I'm in charge of lighting at the two venues we run. I love the work that I do; how often do you get paid to do your favorite hobby?

I also must have one of the coolest employers ever. They let me keep my two arcade games at work!
Originally posted by segasonic@Jan. 12 2003, 7:29 am

Until recently I was a tester at Infogrames,

Did you have anything to do with Outcast? That game is sweet. Never got the recognition it deserved. I've heard that Outcast 2 is on delay indefinately, which sucks. I was so excited when I heard it was coming.
I am a freelance computer handyman. I do just about anything but programing (hate programming). Mainly for individuals or small businesses.
I am a Security Systems Officer for Intrado Inc. in Colorado. I maintain the network for the security system and maintain 2 other remote locations as well as the local complex. I love computers and electronics; I plan on concentrating on network security when I get my degree.

I am also responsible for archiving the databases and maintaining the security protocols in all of Intrado's locations. I love my job; it is probably the first job that I have ever had that I can relate to.
i work in a wharehouse

order processing, shipping, moving stuff around

i'm underpayed and hate my job, hence the sig

imma go back to school either this fall or next spring

to hell with work

btw. what gives w/my new custom status?
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R&D Biomedical Engineering youngest in the whole company especialy out of the other engineers-- and if you havent been able to tell by now a heavy user of spell check
I'm one of 5 Network Engineers (by title), I do a lot of programming (PHP, ASP, C++, VB), lots of Database interaction (MS-SQL, MySQL), network design, maint., and troubleshooting, for a larger ISP. I'm also the youngest of my group, by many years.
Originally posted by Quadriflax+Jan. 12 2003, 4:48 pm--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Quadriflax @ Jan. 12 2003, 4:48 pm)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-segasonic@Jan. 12 2003, 7:29 am

Until recently I was a tester at Infogrames,

Did you have anything to do with Outcast? That game is sweet. Never got the recognition it deserved. I've heard that Outcast 2 is on delay indefinately, which sucks. I was so excited when I heard it was coming.[/b][/quote]

Most of the testing on Outcast was done over in France, I briefly tested the installer, but that was all. If I remember right it would only work on win98 at the time lol

Games I worked on were:

Wacky Races (DC/PSX)

Driver 2 (PSX)

Hogs of War (PSX/PC)

Atari Test Drive Overdrive (Xbox/PS2)

Battle Engine Aquila (Xbox/PS2)

UEFA Challenge (DC/PSX/PS2/PC)

Action Man Arctic Adventure (PC)

X-Com: Enforcer (PC)

Family Fortunes (PC)

Rally Masters (N64/PSX)

PGA Eurpean Tour Golf (N64)

Taz Express (N64)

Premier Manager 2000 (PSX)

Premier Manager 2002 (PS2)

Men in Black - The Series: Crashdown (PSX)

Nickelodeon Party Blast (Xbox)

Slave Zero (DC)

Gekido (PSX)

N-Gen (PSX)

Micro Machines (PS2)

And some others I can't remember offhand.

Chances are some of you guys have played the fruits of my labours.