What video games are you playing at the moment?


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Perhaps not playing right now, but what video games are you playing?

While on breaks at work I'm playing Racing Hero and at home I've been playing Sega Rally on my Saturn.

Still can't get the hang of those hairpins...
I'm right off games at the moment, I was a tester but I got made redundant this week. Still, maybe now that I don't have to play games all day as a job I might start enjoying playing them for fun again
I'm mainly playing Resident Evil on Gamecube just now. Every day I wake up and curse that analogue controllers didn't come a bit sooner and stop you running into walls like an idiot.
don't get substance if you already have MGS2 but yeah i'm definately going to get splinter cell cause that game looks sweet...
I'm playing NFL 2K1 like a maniac (that's all I play)  

I play some Ikaruga sometimes (kick ass soundtrack!)

Haven't touched my Saturn in a month for so (I've disgraced the Greatest Ever!

I'm playing NFL GameDay 99, NFL Xtreme, and WWF Smackdown 2 on PSX a lot.

I've been playing Madden 64, and NFL QB 98 a bit on my N64.

I stopped playing FFVI on my SFC a while ago.

Haven't played Mega CD, nor MegaDrive in a week or two.
OUTRUN! Man that thing is addicting. Yu Suzuki Game Works is a great idea, too bad theres only 5 games on it.

I just completed D2 (weird ass game), and now I'm gonna start playing thru Shenmue 2 (DC) again. After eading the walkthroughs, I've realized that I've missed waaaaaaay to much of the game.

I wanna finish PDS but my girlfriend has my cables and I can't find any to buy here. Someone send me something to hook my saturn up to my TV!!!
I play all kinds of stuff for a little time on both my Saturn and DC...but I must confess these days I keep coming back to Zusar Vasar, an unusual racer generally regarded as poor, but strangely addictive in my case... Just too damn much fun knocking out opponent chariots Ben Hur-style
Golden Sun, Sonic cd, and (a downgrade I guess, but playing it just because) Resident Evil on Saturn.
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