Where to buy?

Where can I buy the things mentioned in the topic? I'm also looking for the Arcade Racer (the official steering wheel, think that's the name of it anyway

I've seen a couple of different Virtua Sticks, and I'm only interested in the black one, the same goes for the 3D-controlpad and the Arcade Racer.

Onlinestores, preferebly located in Europe (so there will be no taxes added to the prices once they go trough the toll(sp?))

But any store, anywere in the world, that has them (and are online) are of course of great value to me.

Note: I don't wanna buy anything from eBay or eBay-like auctionplaces.
I don't know why nobody seems to like eBay.

I got all my Saturn stuff on there for great prices.

If you know what you're doing, it's not as bad as eveybody thinks.
He probably just doesn't want to bother... try http://www.liksang.com They have a saturn arcade stick for 11.90... The 3d Controller is temporarily unavailable... They have some other good stuff though to like RAM carts. Also try http://www.gamegizmo.com Which has the real official SEGA ascii arcade stick at 14.47... Can't beat that
I don't know where to find the racing wheel on a site other than ebay. Hope you get the items your looking for.
Did I ever say I didn't like eBay, I have nothing against it, never tried it out... yet.

But I'll guess I have to bother now.

Hehe, I don't want any other Arcade Stick than the Virtua Stick, but maybe I'll get it from eBay some day.

About the 3D-controller from lik-sang, that has been temporarily unavailable for more than a year now. I gave up hope about that a long time ago.

I actually found a place selling the Arcade Racer! Thanks anyway.
I personally love eBay.

Some people have bad exeriences or hear of some and are turned off.

Some sellers are turned off by some of the listing fees.

But I have had nothing but many great experiences both buying and selling.

It really is the global marketplace, and people should accept that it's the future of selling.
I for one have to agree with racketboy, having completed hundreds of sales and purchases without a serious problem.

Listing fees are negligible, too (30 cents), until you start using additions like bold listings, double categories etc... It's all very manageable.

The one thing that always gets me is that users complain about eBay itself when they get burned by a bad seller. Usually they make one of two mistakes:

- 1. - look at the feedback number but don't look at the COMMENTS left by others and the ratio of negatives/neutrals to positives, and how negatives were handled by the seller/whether they were justified or not (there are deadbeat buyers too, after all).

- 2. - whenever a problem does arise, the blame game starts. But if you communicate well, things can be quickly solved...

whoa... I didn't mean to end up writing a basic eBayer's guide but I guess I did.
Just would like to mention I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes, too...
If you want to buy an official Virtua Stick , Link-sang is a good shop, but if you want a realy Amazing Arcade controler, and you are a little skill, go to Sega saturn collection , in the Dossiers section there is one tutorial (In english) about how to make an arcade joystick for saturn.


This is the best option if you want a strong controler and a Fantastic joystick.
Hey ElKeSaBe thanks for making that guide I always wanted to make my own arcade stick to be custom built and comfortable (and a cheap alternative to the mass ones) cool pics of the joysticks and buttons with the prices, to bad the links you made to the shops are broken I guess I´ll have to search around the net for them.

ElKeSaBe arcade stick guide
Just go search some 2nd hand shops, last year after re-aqquiring a saturn and getting it modded, I was in need of an analogue pad, light gun, multitap and at least 3 official standard saturn pads (for 4 player Bomberman and didn't want people fighting over who gets stuck with the fat controller so 3 more to go with the one which came with the saturn was perfect).

One day between lectures at Uni decided to stick my head in some shops and try my luck, first stop was Cash Converters where I got a Official Saturn Lightgun and Analogue controller, no boxes for either, gun was £4 analogue pad was £3.

Then further up the street in a 2nd gaming shop I got my 3 official standard pads, 2 were the smooth rounded hand grips but 1 of them is not rounded its sorta blocky (i think it actually looks pretty cool) but can't find a picture anyone know what I'm talking about, also got about 13 saturn games for £10 as nobody was buying them

Had to buy my multitap from Lik-Sang though

This is close to it, mine doesn't have any grey parts and is a little smaller (possibly guess the photo just may be making it look bigger than it is) but mine is sega branded so I know its official.