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Which game company do you like better?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Dud, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Dud

    Dud Member

    This has always been a tough one for me, I'll vote Konami just because I'm a huge fan of Kojima's games.
  2. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    tough one for me as well, but I'll say Capcom using Street Fighter as tie breaker.

    But I must admit, as of late Konami seems to be doing better at making solid titles. Capcom is falling back a bit -- perhaps trying to fall back on their old franchises too much (SF sequals/remakes/vs series anyone?)
  3. Dud

    Dud Member

    They have been doing the remake/compilation thing more lately (Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition, Mega Man Anniversary Collection) but they are such good remakes. :D And I thoroughly enjoyed Onimusha 3, and am looking forward to Devil May Cry 3. Capcom have always been sequel-whores (there's over 20 Mega Man games if I count right), but as long as they are good quality I'll be happy; and they are for the most part. But I do agree with you 100% that they need to start up some new franchices.
  4. Pearl Jammzz

    Pearl Jammzz Member

    I voted Konami based on how many games i have finished by each of the respective companies. Konami has the lead by a few. I am getting bored w/ the same old SF games (I know). Guilty Gear X ruined me on it, I found a game that's 10x better.
  5. it290

    it290 Member

    Capcom. I say that just by looking at their franchises. Konami has Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear, Gradius, Goemon, and Silent Hill, but Capcom has Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, and Resident Evil. I love Castlevania and Contra (and Gradius), but Konami has sort of been giving those less love (especially Contra). Plus, if you look at Capcom's arcade games, they have many awesome ones whereas Konami's arcade offerings are rather weak (yes, that includes DDR). People complain that Capcom rehashes too much, but I say, who cares? They're giving the fans what they want.

    Oh, and it's sheer folly to say that GG is better than SF. ;)

    edit- and btw, they have been making new franchises... Viewtiful Joe, DMC, etc.
  6. schi0249

    schi0249 Mid Boss

    Konami. I'm a Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill are some of my alltime fav's.
  7. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    I voted Capcom. Mainly due to Street Fighter and RE. Oh and Mega Man! Devil May Cry! Onimusha! Final Fight!

    I like Konami. Castlevania, Contra, and Metal Gear (only played the the Solid games... :( ), fucking OWN! But Capcom has more games I enjoy.

    Oh and due to RE4 being delayed until next spring :damn:

    RE4 = Game of The Year 2005! :lol: :D :smokin: :cheers :thumbs-up:
  8. Des-ROW

    Des-ROW Member

    Tough decision.

    But I prefer KONAMI, mostly because their games have much more "substance". Capcom is a great company as well, but their games tend to be mostly just about great gameplay.
  9. it290

    it290 Member

    Funny that you would use that word. Not sure what you mean by it exactly, though. Personally, I'll take gameplay over anything else every time. As much as I like MGS, the game would be 10 times better if they let you play for more than 2-3 minutes between cutscenes/codec calls.
  10. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    Uh.. it? I believe you're referring to Xenogears with the 2 - 3 minutes between cutscences bit. ;) :lol:

    Anyway, you hate that about MGS2? Then stay FAR FAR AWAY from Zone of The Enders. ZoE makes MGS2 seem mute in comparison.
  11. Dud

    Dud Member

    I like how Metal Gear games have long cutscenes. They're never boring, and it develops the story. <_<
  12. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    KONAMI... hate RE, LOVE silent hill. Castlevania is a game that they continue remaking and spruce up the story still unlike mega man. Not a Metal Gear fan, but seems like a beautiful cinematic game for those who are into that kind of story (i hate the military in every way shape and form, not a tree hugger but i just hate military). And come on CONTRA. Thats contra your talking about... the only real reason i liked my nes in 89. (and if you start saying "whata bout' ::some random adventure RPG::, i was 6 and 7 yrs old and most of yall even younger."
  13. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    i like street fighter and mega man, but ive never been that good at either so im gonna go with Konami. Snatcher, Metal Gear, and castlevania. Wow. in fact, Konami is probably my 2nd favorite game publisher, mostly because of Kojima.
  14. it290

    it290 Member

    I like it too... the first time through the game. I know some of the codec sequences are optional, but still, there should just be a 'no cutscenes' option or at least a way to skip the codec scenes without having to fast-foward through them. I guess I just feel kind of disappointed when I sit down for three hours to play a game, and only get thirty minutes worth of actual gameplay out of it.

    Unlike Mega Man? The Zero series has been moving the storyline forward, and the Battle Network series has introduced a new gameplay style (not my cup of tea, but..). Not to mention the upcoming Command Mission RPG. But either way, I prefer the linear Castlevanias and the original Mega Man series. I just wish they would make another linear, 2d Castlevania game.

    Heh.. anyone else detect the supreme irony here?
  15. Dud

    Dud Member

    What were contras again? Not talking about the game.
  16. Des-ROW

    Des-ROW Member

    The artistic beauty of KONAMI's Anubis - Zone of the Enders as a whole, is something that Capcom products cannot rival in any way.
  17. Dud

    Dud Member

    I loved ZOE2. I can agree Konami games play differently compared to Capcom's straight-forward gameplay type games.

    I like how in Kojima Hideo games there is always some sort of theme to the story (MGS was about genetics, MGS2 about memes/non-genetic), so it's like you're getting a lot more than a normal game.
  18. Des-ROW

    Des-ROW Member

  19. Pearl Jammzz

    Pearl Jammzz Member

    Contras are military guys correct? Like a special elite force, am I correct in my thoughts?
  20. it290

    it290 Member

    The Contras were the Nicaraguan rebels that were illegally given arms by members of the Reagan administration. Nothing whatsoever to do with the game itself. In fact, I don't know why they decided to call the game that here... I guess they just thought it sounded cool.

    Oh no? I believe you have forgotten a little game called Street Fighter III.

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