Which game company do you like better?


My vote was decided upon the games developed by these two companies for the current generation of consoles - not the games that have made them famous previously. I haven't played many of the latest games that these companies have to offer, but I have played a small handful from each party:

For me, Zone of the Enders left much to be desired. I found it to be rather lackluster. It's a pity that I haven't played it's sequel, as I have been hearing quite a bit of praise from it.

Silent Hill 2 = :sleep:. Man, there was sooo much going on in that game that I could hardly keep up! :sarcasm:

Metal Gear Solid 2 - I found the gameplay to be much stripped down, compared to the original.

Devil May Cry was too easy (and I hear that the sequel is even easier) to gain much enjoyment from... but the controls and sound effects were good :)

Onimusha - from what I remember it was really hard to die in this game also.. and I think this game, as well as Devil May Cry, allowed you to save frequently whenever you wanted <_<

All of the Bemani games = yay :) Something with some difficultly :cheers That's all it took for my vote. It may be an incredibly boring concept ("press buttons when they get to here"), but it requires real talent :smokin:

And although I'm a fan of the Resident Evil series, I have only played one through to three and a bit of Code Veronica. I enjoy them so far, but from what I see from the announcements of RE4, I have completely lost interest. I really don't give a damn about the whole consensus that when a company prolongs their franchises, the act is suddenly frowned upon. That is simply not true in too many cases. But I do care when they mess around with an already proven successful formula.


If you want a challenging Capcom game for current generation systems, try Viewtiful Joe, PN03 (hard mode, papillon suit), or CvS2 on survival-all mode. ;)


Mid Boss
Silent Hill 2 is no where near as good as 1 and 3. SH 3 is the direct sequel to 1. SH 2 is just another story about the town.


I actually prefer SH2; I found the psychological horror to be much more compelling than all that occult stuff.


I never really liked Silent Hill. Then again, I never actually played it. I played SH3 for about five minutes, and I was done. I'd never been so disturbed in my life. :unsure:

I might play the original eventually. Both my best friend (Locke) and Des say SH2 is the best of the series though.
it290... (i would copy quote with that java feature in here but not allowed on this system) about my Contra slash military post... HEH, your right, i didnt even notice the irony, but i think it more draws on the i hate military and gov't. i love mass blood shed of the fictional kind. Contra is like any side scroll shooter or top down, like mercs, but when you start in the whole military propaganda crap that the story of metal gear SOLID (i enjoyed the nes original) has to have getting into depth about the corruption and deceitfulness of war just pisses me off. To much story depth on it there. Contra is just strait forward Gore.


Heh heh, true, but actually the story of MGS is kind of anti-war in a way, and you will get a higher rank if you kill fewer soldiers. But I agree with you that the gameplay of NES Contra is far superior to that of MGS. ;)


Third Strike is a great game, but still, not as beautiful as Anubis.

Silent Hill 2 is the best of the Silent Hill series.

Anubis - Zone of the Enders is infinitely better than the original Zone of the Enders.

Crazygoon, have you played Devil May Cry on HARD and DANTE MUST DIE modes? I believe not.

Haha, Hard Mode + Papillon Suit sounds so beautifully masochist.


I thought the original Onimusha was hard on normal. :huh . I couldn't get past the Samanosuke clone without going down to easy mode. I know, I should be ashamed.


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Have you read the manga it's from or seen the movie adaptation? It's from 頃し屋1or Ichi the Killer if you prefer.

Here's a bigger picture:


What exactly IS it from?

Also, I've never played ZoE: 2nd Runner, but I highly doubt anything can be as beautiful as Street Fighter III. Well, Third Strike anyway.

Are there any graphical differences between New Generation, Second Impact, and Third Strike?


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What exactly IS it from?...
I added that detail as you posted:

It's from 頃し屋1or Ichi the Killer if you prefer.
The movie takes a lot of shit for being so violent and disgusting:

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