Whitch model is this Saturn console ?


it´s at Ebay, end in 7 hours

mine look like this one:

(it´s model 2 ?)

That is the original Saturn, AKA the Model 1.

It looks just like mine.

The one on the bottom pic IS a model 2.

Sega redesigned the Saturn console to cut costs.

I think that model 2's are more common, than the first version.
Yup, that's a model 1 all right. I have one too, as well as 2 model 2's. Besides the design, one difference I noticed between the two models is that the model 1 seems to be made of higher quality plastic shell than the model 2. With the recent price drops, I think the same method of reducing costs may apply to the PS2 and Xbox, and perhaps GC as well.
Ah yes, us model one owners sure do have it good... especially the 21 pin model one owners... like me
Man, you are lucky!

I got a stinkin' 20 pin! I guess that's what I get for paying $348??? LOL

The model 1's look snazzy though.

If this one ever conks out i'm gonna get a 21 pin unit!
Just looking at the outside won't guarantee it's a 21-pin or a 20-pin saturn. I have a model 1 that's a 21-pin. Unfourtunately, it has the 64 pin IC chip. There are also 20-pin model 2 saturns.
That's true, you can't tell by looking.

I actually found out that mine was a 20 pin when I opened it to do the country switch, I was hoping I had a 21 pin model one, no such luck.

With all the wierd saturns out there (20 pin model 2's, 21 pin model 1's etc.) you'd think they'd still be making 20 pin mod-boards too.....
The thing is, they probably make enough money without all the extras, and that way they have bigger profit margins, don't really spend any time trying to solve problems/make an easy solution for all saturns and so on.
Random, i actually paid 40 dollars for it since my friend doesn't know shit about hardware, he's a software man. Ah yup yup.. 21 pin model 1... life is good. This was a late model 1 so maybe that's why.
Lan Kwei Modboard work with my Saturn ??


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thanks again !!