(WTB) Sega CD Model 2 AC adapter


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Hello i may have only 1 post but as the title says lm looking for a Sega CD model 2 ac adapter im buying one soon and it doesn't come with the ac adapter so i need one my price range is 5 $-15 $

if you have one contact me by pm


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You can use any power supply with the same rating, polarity and plug as the Genesis PSU.
Input: 120v AC 60hz 18 W

Output: 9v DC 1.2A

10v will also work.

The Genesis 1/sega cd 1/sega cd 2/master system power supply will say "1602" or "1602-1" on it.

The genesis 2/32X/game gear power supply will say "MK-2103" on it

CDX uses an incompatible supply.

I think I sold my last one at the midwest gaming classic last month.

Here's the two cheapest hits on e-bay right now, one repro, another name brand.