Xbox problems!! HELP!!!


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My xbox is flashing red and green with the please call customer service message. It has a 05 error indicating something about a lock code and the HDD. Anybody know how i can fix this. Can i at least save the hard drive and put it in a new xbox? Like if i get a mod chip. I am clueless! Help!


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You not currently running a mod? are you doing a nonmod exploit? If I was you I'd hit up the forums on too. Lots of smart xbox people there. Or if you feel like waiting til much later tonight I should be on aim as scared0o0rabbit and I may be able to help.

edit: oh and if you're not particularly squeemish you could open your xbox and make sure all the cables plugged into the hdd are nice and snug (though that would make it so you couldn't get it serviced). If that's not the problem, and you've done no hardware/software exploits, then it may be that the hdd itself died. As I recall, I dun think you can just take the drive out and put it in another xbox, cause all xbox's have different lock code that they use for the drive.


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I already opened the box and all plugs are in. Try to get me on aim later, my aim name is ThePlainWhiteTs. Thankx. I don't have a mod in.
I had an xbox do something like that one time. The light went crazy and it wouldn't boot up. I wouldn't even get the xbox boot animation when I turned it on just a blank screen. After 300 powerups I finally got it to open so I could get the disc out.

I took the entire damn thing apart looking for problems, even completely took apart the dvd drive. I guess it was hard drive failure b/c I couldn't really find anything wrong with it and from the way it acted that was just the logical assumption. I ended up just replacing the damn thing and the old one is sitting in the closet...

I hope you have better luck w/ yours. :sigh


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that sucks dude. I don't really care if i have to buy a new xbox. So long i can get the old info and saves onto the new xbox. I have so many saved games there. about 300 logged hours all together in phantasy star online, not all on one character but all together. My Halo saves, i beat it on legendary with a lot of people. Then there is every other gameplay save i have. And its a lot. A lot of time went into playing. Maybe its a wakeup call, not to play games so freakin much. I did just spend a lot of money on art supplies. Maybe its ment to be.... :( .....



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Guys, you don't know what this is doing to me! My whole weekend revolved around playing my xbox. Its the only thing i have been doing over the past month. I took out my anger on my friend. I punched and bit him everytime i got mad. Probobly not the right way to go about it. I feel lonely now, and i don't know what to do. I'm lost without games. LOST!
Wow... Sorry this happened to ya, its gotta be no fun. If my HD went on me now I wouldn't fret as I really don't have any important saves, just all Rallisport tracks, DOA3 unlockables, and of course halo on legendary (which gets you nothing anyway).

I remember this happened to my xbox, on launch day. Apparently the one I got shipped with no hard drive Sounds like a joke or a fanboy lie but nope... actually happened. But I took it back and exchanged it soonafter. I did try phoning Microsoft's help line :lol: what a joke. "uhm, are all the cables connected properly? Does the light go on?" I donno where they find these people, but after I had just explained that the lights flashed and a message came up that I needed to get my xbox serviced, I'm pretty damn sure its connected and the stupidity just angers me further. I was then instructed that they would mail me a box to put my xbox in, then I would send it to get fixed, then it would be shipped back, free of charge. Woop dee friggen doo that its free, I just bought a brand new console first day it came out and you want me to wait 6-8 weeks so that it actually works? sigh....

But back to your problem... your Hard drive itself may or may not be the problem, so whether your saves are still retrievable is not known. The best thing you could do would be to send it in somewhere to be looked at to see if the problem could be fixed, you can't simply shove this hard drive into another xbox as Scared0o0Rabbit mentioned due to the different lock down codes. Theres no real easy way to figure out whats wrong on your own... you always could Mod your xbox, then install a new HD, then see if it works... then you'd know if it was just the hard drive itself or not. Buttttt that would cost alot and take quite a bit of time for something that wouldn't get you what you wanted, so me writing that was pointless :damn:

In short, send it in to be fixed - but since you voided your waranty you'll have to search your area well. Or you could take a shot in the dark and try emailing a M$ rep saying your Xbox died but you have saves you need and asking if they could do a hard drive->new xbox hard drive copy for you. But good luck with that.

in all honesty, unless you can tinker to get it working, you have got little chance <_<



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Ahhh... thanks ammut. Man, that blows. Oh well. Maybe i should do like i did with my dreamcasts. Buy a used one, then take the broken one back and say it doesnt work. And vuala! A new xbox! Think that will work at an EB or something?

EDIT: Oh yeah. Its kinda funny. I posted this on the Xbox-scene forum and got no replys. I posted here and got at least 2 or 3 in the same amount of time. And they have like 200 active members.


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Are you sure that's an unmodded Xbox and stock HDD? You didn't get the system used or something did you? Not accusing you of lying or anything, but AFAIK it's pretty tough to end up with an Xbox HDD unlocked by accident.


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Originally posted by ExCyber@Oct 17, 2003 @ 09:43 PM

Are you sure that's an unmodded Xbox and stock HDD? You didn't get the system used or something did you? Not accusing you of lying or anything, but AFAIK it's pretty tough to end up with an Xbox HDD unlocked by accident.

Thats what im saying!! I bought this thing brand spankin new. I have know idea how this could happen. I'm gonna call xbox and ask how a problem like this could occur with an unmodded xbox and complain to those biatches!


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HA! HAHA!! I called up the xbox number and they gave me a bunch of shit. I told them that i knew what the code ment. And that i never installed a modchip. And that all this other information i had. They told me my information was bogus because i got it from people that do homebrew stuff and people that mod there xboxes. I wanted to say... "HEY BITCH! those people know a lot more damned stuff than you freakin do!" But he just told me that i need to send it in because its basicly dead because it says to call for service repairs. and a bunch of other stupid shit. Those xbox representatives are full of shit and don't know anything.
your best bet is to call Microsoft customer service and see if they'll repair it for free. You should ask if they can recover your savegames if you call. If your warranty expired, it'll cost $90, which is ridiculous. If you want to buy a new xbox, message me and i'll buy some parts off of your old xbox.

About your problem, I can't imagine how it would happen on an unmodified xbox. If the HD is truly unlocked, you can put it in another person's modified xbox and use a program called Xsaves Manager to copy it. If the HD is still locked, you're pretty much screwed, unless Microsoft can help. You need something called an HD Key to unlock it, and you can't get it unless you take off the eeprom from the xbox and have the equipment to read it.

There is one more way if your HD is unlocked, but I don't know much about it. You need to dowlnoad some linux distro, called xlinux? You can run it on your pc without installing anything to the hd. With your xbox HD connected to your pc, you should be able to browse through your xbox HD and copy over the saves...

Just remember that the xbox uses a different filesystem than Windows, so you can't just connect your xbox HD and browse through it yet. Looks like your best bet is with Microsoft, just ask if they can save your savegame files before you send the xbox in for repair.

Oh wait, I just remembered, getting a modchip MIGHT solve your problem. If your xbox HD is really unlocked, a modchip will fix your problem. If your xbox HD was magically locked with another key, then the modchip won't help.


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Hey, dnguyen800. Have you done all this stuff before? What about modding your xbox. I have no clue how to do it and i would pay for someone to do it for me. I voided the warrenty by opening my xbox and it will cost me $200 bucks now. So i'm better off buying a new xbox.
I modified my xbox by flashing the TSOP, not with a modchip, so I wouldn't know how to install one, sorry. Hmm... well, you will have to get a new xbox no matter what, unless you find out the true problem with your xbox. Here are your options:

1. get a cheapmod, or a no-solder modchip if you don't know how to solder. If the HD really is unlocked, then you can continue using your xbox normally. If the xbox HD is still locked, you can still salvage your xbox by buying a new PC HD thats under 120gb. Your savegames will be gone though. If you plan on doing this, research on how to flash the modchip or cheapmod with an Executor bios.

2. learn about the xlinux stuff, and try to copy your saves onto your PC HD. You will have to get a new xbox and USB memory card, or get a modchip and new PC HD to copy your saves back.

3. give the xbox hd to me and i'll try to do something with it. This is basically the same as #2. But if its unlocked, I can copy the saves to my pc, send it to you, and i'll send you the usb stuff you need to copy it over to your new or modified xbox.


I just came up with an idea to test if your xbox HD is unlocked or not, you can do it on your pc without using xlinux or anything like that. You will need to make a floppy boot disk and copy some programs to it. I'll explain soon.


Check the software and HD tools you can d/l at Some programs say it can view the HD key, but I'm not sure about that. Most people have told me that you can do nothing if you never copied the HDD key directly from your xbox. I've never tried it, but it's worth a shot.
Hey, I just remembered my friend had an error 5 code on his modified xbox with new HD. I don't know why it happened, but his HD was still locked. So.... things are not looking good so far... if you still want to test it, do this:

Get these programs from


HDD Unlock/Lock/Disable


Format a blank floppy as a bootable floppy disc.

copy atapwd and the hdd unlock/lock programs to your floppy boot disk.

Turn off your pc, change your xbox HD jumpers to master or slave, it depends on your pc configuration.

Connect the xbox hd to your pc.

Put the boot disk in your floppy drive.

Turn on your pc, make sure you set the floppy drive as the 1st boot device in your PC bios.

It should load the dos prompt, now run atapwd.exe

select your xbox HD from the list given.

there should be some letters, and + and - signs.

Look for the "E" and "L" columns, look under and see if they are both minus "-" signs.

Minus signs means that the HD is unlocked and disabled, which is good.

If the L column has a + sign, you're screwed, unless you can find another way to get the HDD key.

I don't know everything about the xbox, so I'm not 100% sure if it's impossible to unlock your xbox hd without copying the HDD key directly from your xbox. Hopefully Arakon or others have a better solution. If you have to trash your xbox, remember that you can sell parts of it on People will buy the case, controller ports, cables, DVD drive, and other stuff.
Man that sucks that you are probably out of luck on pso saves. I have over 300 hours or so also and would hate to lose that even though I don't play anymore. Your best bet to save taht would have been to send it to MS for official repairs but like you said, you opened it. Ouch..


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Either way I wouldn't have sent it to those guys. i think i found out what may of happen. I was reading and something some where mentioned unlocking the HDD with the eject trick. I couldn't find anything on the subject however wen i try. But thiw problem did occor when i ejected the tray. Could it have been at that moment in the game (Soul Calibure II) that it was using the hardrive in such a way that pushing eject would cause it to malfunction just for that split second... or even for that nansecond!! eh! eeeehhh!! That gives ma a tiny little bit of hope that it is unlocked.
Can you throw me a link to this eject trick? I've never heard of it and my first xbox also broke down when I popped it open... I also remember reading a post on another board somewhere where someone had the same problem after opening the tray during halo which is the same game I was playing...


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I will, thats if i find it again. It was on like page 100 something in google on a search i did. But if i find it again, i'll post it.