Yumemi Mystery Mansion, Night Trap and Jurassic Park

Hello. I am Aeris. I was wondering if anyone here has played Yumemi Mystery Mansion (Mansion Of The Hidden Souls in the US), Night Trap and Jurassic Park in iso emulation. How well do they perform in Gens? I would be very grateful if anyone can answer my query. Thanks,

I played NT and JP Hidden souls I havent got to yet, NT will work untill you need to switch Cds. No emu can change cds yet. Otherwise the rest plays well. If you have more ?'s email me, find it here or on Gens home page
Actually, one question i do have is how does the Mega CD version of MOTHS (Hey, the abreviation is moths! Creepy) compare to the Saturn version regarding differences/extras etc? Thanks again,


I just purchased some Sega Cds, Jurassic Park and Night Trap (not sure which one it is, the censored or uncensored version, is in a red cardboard box) came with the deal.

I'll rip them this week and let you know. They're both NTSC versions, if that makes any difference whatsoever.