Zelda GCN question....

Pearl Jammzz

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I would of posted this over at NX but there just isn't nayone there. Anyways, u know those bonus cds that are commin w/ pre-orders of Zelda? Is it the game of OOT? and it has another cd of some other Zelda game. is that a game? DVD movie? preview, what?
Its called "ura zelda". Its essentialy an add on for zelda:eek:ot that was going to at one point be released for the 64dd, but was never realeased, even though it was complete, due to a general lack of intrest in the 64dd in japan (the only country that add on sys was released in).
Ahhh ok, so from what I get out of this is......

U get the Zelda GCN disc....

a seperate disc w/ oot on it (and prob sum extras)

then another disc w/ Ura Zelda on it (also w/ a little extras)

DO u think they emulated it? or just rewrote the code for the GCN? I think the latter of those two would be the easiest.
They most likely ported it. SGI was heavily involved with N64, so the N64 graphics libraries are directly derived from IrisGL/OpenGL.
And you only get this if you pre order the game from a store? That sounds pretty sweet ass. Are any of your stores taking zelda pre-orders now?
So far this is Jap only..........:'( maybe NOA will be smart about this and bring them over. THAT would be sweet ass....and if they added Majora's Mask to the equation, I would hardly ever pull out my 64. But u still got games like Conker and stuff....