The history of the cancelled Zip Drive for Dreamcast

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Red Moon: Lost Days - New Saturn visual novel homebrew game by Neuromage Studio

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"Red Moon: Lost Days is a visual novel developed for the Sega Saturn about Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who after lost contact with a Army General friend, sets out on a journey to Egypt to investigate his disappearance."

New Dreamcast Game : Encuentro No Casual by Ryo Suzuki

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a new website will be launched soon with all the information.

Meanwhile here are some of the details: El prólogo de 'Encuentro no casual' saldrá pronto a la venta en formato físico

Wolf3D for Dreamcast with the music taken from 3DO ver by Ian Michael

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Wolf3D with cdda stereo music from the 3DO port full saving vmu icon animation FMV intro modded from the 3DO :) R1 Title screen and demo CDDA triggers Full 8 tracks of cd stereo full sfx Kinda of cross between PC 3DO wolf3d Based on wolf4sdl port 1.7 update ================================
-Cdda stereo music
-vmu saving
-Vmu animation
-Press A and B any time to restart to track 1
-Auto CDDA triggers for demo title and new game.
-SDL Dreamhal pvr DMA driver ======================================= credits Update and features added Ian Micheal ======================================= Wolf4SDL\DC 1.6 ported to Dreamcast by fackue

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