Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge - Half-transparency Hack by Meduza Team

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- Translucency of the character state panel (health bar, damage bar, panel background).

- Semitransparent background of energy bar.

- Semitransparent background of win statistics window.

- Semitransparent background of "Special" window.

- Semitransparent background of timer window.

- Translucency of shadows under characters.


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All projects by Meduza Team:

Модификация игр для Sega Saturn - Модификации - Ромхакинг - Каталог статей - Meduza Team

Mac exclusive upgraded Japan-only version of The Typing Of The Dead posted on

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"This is a Japan-only upgraded version of Typing Of The Dead which was also released on Windows. The upgrades include new minigames and a new feature where you can compete against a clone of yourself. The Mac version also has the characters carrying compact Macs on their backs. One of the very few titles that Sega released specifically for Macs in Japan."

The Typing Of The Dead: Zombie Da! Typing Lariat for Mac - Macintosh Garden

R-rated Dark Savior Saturn beta pics on twitter

Shining Force III Collection Deluxe version 2.2 (06.03.2021) by Meduza Team released

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"The most complete collection of all the scenarios the game Shining Force III for Sega Saturn console in the form of a collection Shining Force III Collection Deluxe on 2 CDs (new version).
The collection includes the 3 scenarios (eng. version), Premium Disk (eng. version) and a bonus video showing gameplay of the previous 2-part series (Shining Force and Shining Force 2) on the console Sega Mega Drive / Genesis."

Shining Force III Collection Deluxe [Sega Saturn] - Сборники - Ромхакинг - Каталог статей - Meduza Team

Metal Slug tech demo for Sega Master System by Révo SEGA 8-bit

Concept art books for various Treasure games uploaded to (Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes)

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