Megaflan updates his progress in translating Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers on Saturn

Linda Cube is being translated on the Psx, it has a very identical improved Saturn port

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Cargodin writes:

"Scenario D is a time trial, also featured in the psx game

There's an extra menu section and i'm willing to check this when i have free time but i'll guess squarely that it's an art section

Otherwise i ran a full script of the saturn version side by side with the psx version and while some lines are tweaked, it's hardly a censor so much as different information."

Video of unreleased Neogeo game Sunshine / Block Paradise posted on youtube

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"Sunshine was among the first twelve initial game software products programmed & intended for the NEOGEO system's launch. Alpha Denshi co-developed the NEOGEO system and worked as an in house second party programming team for the first year until they essentially broke away and became the first official third party licensee for the NEOGEO."

More info about game:

Victor Luchitz 32X Doom port running full screen with music

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Sega Saturn FPGA progress update for MiSTer

Heretic 1 WIP port for Atari Jaguar

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"Animations only partly there, monster logic not hooked up"

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