Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Yakuza: Like a Dragon
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Newer then most (all?) of our games of the month/week/day/whenever-we-feel-like-it. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a personal favorite of mine, and was actually my entry into the Yakuza series. The game is a rather crazy take on the classic Dragon Quest formula with many references to DQ in the game...

Hour+ documentary about Bug!

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It's the YouTube deep dive few people asked for! Featuring an interview with Bug's lead developer courtesy of SHIRO!, and the mounds of other interviews/research I've done in the past, this video details the history of Bug! It was almost a Sonic game, developed with a box that was larger than a...
SegaCD: Time Gal
SegaCD: Time Gal
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Quoted via Wikipedia:

J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation
J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation
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View attachment J.B.Harold_Blue_Chicago_Blues(Win95)(Japanese)_Box-front.jpg

I am proud to announce my first ever attempt at a translation: J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues!

This FMV adventure game was the last entry in Riverhill Soft's J.B. Harold series of detective mystery video games, a series which started on Japanese...

Kronos 2.5.0 32/64 Bits - Debug tools are available and same to yabause...

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Hi, Kronos 2.5.0 is now available.

Lot of works was made on framebuffer access, esdr, screen sync.

Homebrew dev can use debug tools (same than yabause) And if you need some features on it tell us.

Video on Youtube

We need a dev for few months, if you can...
Screen resolution hacks [MD]
Screen resolution hacks [MD]
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I recently started to explore this platform and came to the conclusion that it also has the potential to improve the quality of games. A similar topic already exists in the section for Saturn, and now it's time for a Mega Drive / Genesis.
As it turned out, quite a few games on this platform did...

Timecop: The site is down, where did it go?!? Panic!

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Just letting everyone know that a site migration is pending and will happen within the next week or so, so there will be a little site down time during the transition.




Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation
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Since I've made a decent amount of progress since the competition entry, I'll officially announce this one and keep a status here.
The plan is to translate Lunar 2 using the PSX as a basis. Not sure if a dubbed or subbed version will be released first, depends on free time & difficulty.
Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics.
Let's replace Sega Saturn graphics.
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Preamble: This is *A* technique, and not the only one. This assumes a lot of things about the game you're working on specifically that the graphics are uncompressed and on VPD1. There is a chance this will work for the project you want to start but there is also a chance it will not. Consider...
SDLoader v0.12: run binaries from SD Card and backup/restore saves
SDLoader v0.12: run binaries from SD Card and backup/restore saves
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I created patch for Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite v6.483 (lastest version) which adds SDLoader capabilities.
This patch allows PSKAI Lite to launch boot.bin file placed at SD card root. For example, you may place SDLoader binary as...
Translating Grandia Digital Museum
Translating Grandia Digital Museum
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Some may already be aware of this but I figured I'd make a thread for this now that the main game is done. I've been snooping around Digital Museum for the past year or so now and as expected there's a lot of similarities with file formats. As a result it's not hard to adapt the tools I made for...
Stellar Assault SS English localization project
Stellar Assault SS English localization project
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Announcing an English localization of Sega Saturn 3D space combat shooter Stellar Assault SS!

Developed and published by SIMS in 1998, Stellar Assault is a remake of a 1995 Sega 32X game of the same name — although it was called Shadow Squadron in North America. It brings a Wing Commander-like...

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