50/60 Hz Switch

Well, just a thought I had conserning those of you with PAL saturns who want the 50/60 Hz mod for a MK-80200-50 saturn who when connecting the two JP 1 ports together just send it into 100 Hz instead of 50 (great for those with a 100 Hz tele)

If joining the two Jp 1 ports together make it go faster, then one of those Ports must supply the power to the Pin 79 on the IC14 chip.

After trying it out with a connection to the 5V pin and to the Right side of JP 1 - the saturn went faster than 50 AND 60 Hz but it wasn't as fast as 100 Hz.

Then trying it out witht th left side I just found out that the saturn got short-circuted so then obviously the right JP1 port is the one that detemins the 50/60 Hz.

So, to test this further could someone give me the rundown of which pins supply which volts (the power supply pins) so I can try the next Volt one down (no point in going up is there?)