Albert Odyssey, odd problem


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I downloaded and burned Albert Odyssey for Saturn, works fine. Well actually the shmuck who ripped it left 2 seconds of blank in each MP3. But thats not really an issue, and its certainly correctable. Anyway, I was running around killing things and nothing hit me, ever. I block/dodge every attack. It really started to annoy me after the humor of being invincible wore off. I even removed my PAR+ for the hell of it, no change. On top of that I seem to kill everything in one hit. What's going on here, did someone share a hacked image or something? This isn't any fun!

Have you cleaned the save game? maybe the cheat code remains on the save game...
I never enabled any cheats to begin with, but anyway it appears monsters now hurt me. So either something reaaaaally weird was happening, or this game starts out way too easy, which I doubt. I blocked all the attacks that guy launched at me after he fell off his dragon (actually was knocked off)! I'm pretty sure he should have been able to *hit* me...