I have an ISO/MP3 release of Megaman X3 for Saturn.

The iso itself won't burn with CDRWin because the sector boundary doesn't match the cue sheet's mode. The ISO's byte size doesn't match mode 1, 2 or Raw sectory boundary size. However, I can open the ISO with winrar and winimage, and extract all the files.

So, for the sake of argument, let's assume this ISO is still valid, but somehow got a few bytes added to it. What program can I use to recompress the files/directories into a valid ISO that I can test and maybe burn with? I thought winimage might do it, but it doesn't seem so.

I tried CDRWin, which will happily create an ISO9660 file for me. But, the iso is huge, not being compressed at all, and I have no idea if the iso has the correct 150 byte offset.

I sort of asked this question before, and someone suggested using a split/join type program to shave just enough bytes off the iso to make it compliant. I really don't know about that one though, doesn't seem right.

This isn't really important, I'm sure I could find another rip somewhere, but it's making me crazy! heh

Thanks for the help.



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I think the someone suggesting a filesplitter to "cut the ISO to size" was me. Not sure why you're so apprehensive of it, I've done it myself.
You just gotta doublecheck that the ISO is still complete afterward by opening it in ISOBuster, sorting the file listing by LBA, finding the file with the HIGHEST LBA and extracting it. If it extracts fine, nothing was cut off.

But if you'd rather make a new ISO: Actually, do not use CDRWin to do that. For some reason, when I did that once all the filenames got chopped to 8+3 format. I might've missed a Joliet option somehow, not sure.

But the program to use would be mkisofs.exe (mk-iso-fs, make iso filesystem). Thing is I don't know where to get this, I have it as part of the Echelon selfboot kit for Dreamcast games. I do believe it's part of the freely distributable cdrecord package. - Google is your friend...
Ok, I'll give the file split a try. Not like I have anything to lose.

And yes, Google is my friend. I just couldn't tell my friend what I wanted specifically enough for him to find it for me. 8)

I'll let you know how I do.



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You mean to tell me you searched for 'mkisofs' and didn't come up with this?

(It's a direct FTP link to current releases of the cdrtools package for Windows systems)
Actually, no, I don't mean to tell you that I searched for mkisofs and didn't find what I wanted.

Before I read the post about mkisofs and cdrtools, I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, so I couldn't tell google specifically enough what I wanted. 8)

Thanks for the link though, I didn't find the compiled binaries right away, so that does help.