Bulk Slash

whoo, fun game, like a macross game done right. gotta thank SX for showing me this game some time back, prolly the last game they actualy hosted on the site.
I for the life of me couldn't figure out why no one had released a game like this before. It's truly in the Anime-Mecha style, unlike the Gundam games and the Evangelion games. It's a bit hard, but it moves and plays pretty well. It's too bad it never hit stateside (although, in translation, it'd probably would have lost something).
It plays and feels kinda like Virtual On, without the two-player battle element. Lotsa fun cruising that big city.
fine, i made on myself, please feel free to add admium and corrections, also if someone who's cool and moderately japanese capable (like that ghost in the machine, skonkin mankey) wants to add anything in regards to PLOT which is toatally beyon me, feel free

Bulk Slash mini faq

by sizone

version .000001

story: it's an action game, wtf do you need a story for? you pilot a mech and blow shit up

the purpose of blowing shit up... uhhh make something up like the alien pods genrate mind control waves that have the effect of americanizing japan.

game description: you pilot a mech and blow shit up with it. this may or may not have been explained in the story section. i've had alot to drink tonight and i wrecked my car today so the combination of alchohol and endorphins (not to mention the diazapam) has totally removed my ability to give a fuck

controls: a button changes you from mech to flying vehicle

b button fires your weapon, in mech mode it fires a rail gun unless you're hella close to an enemy in which case you swing a light sabe like device. there's also a charge meter in the lower left hand side of the screen, when it maxxes out you fire a grendade when you push the fire button. this grenedade, btw., does mass damage. in hightech flying vehicle mode pressing the b button fires a vulcan cannon like device, also the charge meter is still in effet and if you let it charge all the way you fire a cluster of homing missles that seem to have neglible effect. well much less neglible than the homing beams in the panzer dragoon series anyway

c button: jump in mech mode, speed control in flying vehicle mode

x y and z buttons do NOTHING as far as i can tell

L and R buttons cause your mech or flying vehicle mode device to rotate in the corresponding direction. while seemingly less intuitive than using the d pad for turning and forward/backwrds movement and the L/R buttons as a dedicted strafing system this control scheeme is actually much easier to use once you get the hang of it

D pad: moves your mech either forward, backwards, left or right.

game play: you choose a mission, i guess there's 6 of them with the last 3 being unlocked after you beat the first 3 the point of all of these missions seems to be to destroy x amount of wierd pyramidical devices while preventing the mech you pilot from being deswtroyed by the barrrage of tanks, gun turrets and flying, bomb dropping things that populate each level. once you've destroyed x amount of wierd pyramidical things a boss mech/monster gets air lifted into the stage which (suprise) you also have to blow up.

in conclusion: this game is really one of the "killer apps" of the saturn. it has a simplistic control scheeme that really allows you ALOT of control as opposed to a complex control scheeme that give you very little control. the game scheeme is also pretty simple, but much like loaded, it's FUN. you run around and blow shit up. it's a video game, unless it's an epic RPG you really don't need anything else in the way of game structure. this game pretty much represents what all the macross games should have been instead of what they ended up being. there's actually a reason to switch between mech and aricraft modes, it's dynamic and exciting and it's got the mindless joy of playing unreal tournement (you know, the DIE MOTHERFUCKER! joy that twitch games generate). other than the panzer dragoon series and burning rangers and shining the holy arc and the wipeout series this is the only GOOD 3d game i've played on the saturn and it fullfills the niece of cool wierd japanese game that no one's heard of that happens to be one of my favorite video game neices, it takes a place of honor amoung keio yugetai, psychic killer taomaru and purikuri in this regard and it rests quite comfortable with the likes of sonic jam and 3 dirty dwarve in the "my god this game is fun" catergory"

in conclusion of the conclusion: i like this game and so should you