buy from Lik Sang?

is a good place to get my hands on a :

"Saturn Action Replay 4M plus

Action Replay cheat function Auto switch 1M and 4M Expension RAM card built-in (for Capcom Fighting games, Metal Slug and others) 4M memory card function allows playback of import games compatible with all Saturn versions Can be connected to your PC via the Commlink card..."

or are there any horror stories like i've heard about
I have heard a lot of horror stories about playthegame. Haven't really heard that much negative about lik-sang. Many members here have used them and been happy. I've used lan-kwei with no problem, but not many members have a track record with them. One note of caution. Read the fine print. Both these sites handle items that they will not sell or ship to North America, if that is where you reside. Still, they both have lots of hard to find items for just about all sega consoles.
lik-sang are GREAT

i got 2 of them carts from there

the cart construction is very poor
and one of hte carts is abit buggy... lik-sang are very good on returns.. i have retuned some other items "GBA STUFF" to them and they were replaced no questions..
I got a couple of mods and AR carts from Lik Sang over a year ago and had no problems at all.
I got a saturn mod board and a PS2 Bio Gun and a Saturn BOOM Booster Pack from Lik Sang and they all work very well...Im very happy with thier products...allthough it took me awhile to figure out how to get the saturn mod board to work( I needed to flip it around backwards )....but still it works like a charm.
would and have, just got mine, along with a mod board, today. No problems at all except one of the wires on the mod were too short, but not problematic enough to worry. prices on the cart seem about the same as everywhere I saw also.
I bought a GP32 from lik-sang two months ago, and I still havent' received it myself. They said they dispatched it, and I'm still waiting, I ordered it in april and I'm still waiting.
Picked up a modchip, av cables, and a PSX to PC adapter from lik-sang, all came in less than a week (Shipments from Asia to Hawaii only take about 3-4 days I'm told).