Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

Yup its great you turn the corner and you see break lights come on.

Damn Corvette engine has some balls but my CV has a better ride :p. It also looks better than any caprice.

As for my crown vic its got the newer tech. OHC, distributorless ignition, efi, locking overdrive auto.

I agree with the whole street racing is bad. I never have and never will in the sense of draggin. I mildly push the accelerator and hop from the line. Its got bang and the one time I did race it was on a deserted strip of country highway straight for miles and flat and I only went to 120kph and that was enough as I was already a car length or two ahead of a 94 Mustang GT.

I just get cheesed at rattle/fart cans because they are loud and pointless. I run twin pipes but they are pretty quiet unless I am pushing it uphill from a dead start. Love on ramps...

I actually like the styling of some asian cars, I really like the RX-8. But it seems you get a nice lookin asian built car and someone has bolted on a noise maker. Hell I am looking into buying my parents 94 Swift 1.0. It needs some work but can't knock it for gas mileage. Go 700clicks on 20 bucks of gas.