.CDR Files?

I have in my posession a CD image in a peculiar format that I have never encountered before. Its extension is CDR, and I know it is a valid CD image because Daemon Tools was able to mount it properly. What program uses this format? Some usenet research indicates that it is a CDRWIN format, but it doesn't seem like the latest version of CDRWIN supports this type of file (not in an obvious way, at least).

¿Alguien puede ayudarme?


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As I understand it, at least one company is/was selling a "CDRWin 5.0" that is actually based on Discjuggler code. You might want to try renaming the image to .cdi and see if anything (such as cdirip if you're lacking the desire to actually install DJ) identifies it as a Discjuggler image.
I had CDI2Nero in my download directory so I booted it up to see if it would recognize the image as a DJ image, and there in the file type drop-down menu was *.cdi and *.cdr.
Thanks for your suggestions l33t c0mpu73r d00dz.