CDRWin failing to rip Saturn CDs


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*grumble* I'm having ANOTHER unexpected problem...

CDRWin 3.8g (unregistered) on Windows98SE with ASPI layer 4.60 installed... gives me read errors at the end of the data track of every Saturn game CD I try to copy...

Now it's been said that the data track is somehow funky at the end and many progs won't rip it without an error... but it's also been said that CDRWin can rip the entire disc into a bin/cue without a problem.

Apparently that's not true in my case... it always ends with read error & my HP CD-Writer 9100i returns some unsupported read command(?) followed by a few bytes that tell me nothing.

I want working backups of my bloody Saturn game CDs!!!! How in the #### do I make them?? Help :~(

(yes, my Saturn has a mod chip)
Have you tried enabling the 'Ignore Read Errors' option within CDRWin before you try to copy the CD?

Try that and make a burn, and test it out, I'm sure that's the problem unless you have a lot of bad scratches or filth on the CD.


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Good tip Grifter, thanks...Actually I solved the whole thing in the meantime.

Ditched CDRWin and installed CloneCD instead. Someone told me using CloneCD to back up an original Saturn game was total overkill - boy, was he wrong! It's a DREAM. Reads the games without a hitch and makes flawless copies... and I'm not limited to 1x burning either ;-) so I'm pretty happy now.

I would've tried ignoring read errors with CDRWin except I didn't wanna burn another CD only to find it wasn't working in my Saturn once again.

So, for all those who've been wondering...

Taelon, sounds like you forgot to uncheck the Raw option in CDRWIN. It was crapping out because it was probably trying to read the security track.

CloneCD is nothing but trouble. Stick with CDRWIN and purchase it to get higher recording speeds.


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It's probably an issue with his CD-ROM reader (his HP CD-Writer 9100i, in this case). Using my DVD-ROM drive and/or SCSI burner, I rip with the RAW option checked all the time and it rips fine. Try using a different CD-ROM drive to rip and see if that works.


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It probably WAS some issue with my HP and CDRWin...

As for you, Nimoy: why would CloneCD be nothing but trouble? It works WONDERFULLY for me and solved all my troubles. My backups of Sega Rally, Radiant Silvergun, etc. all work.

And what gives with all the remarks of "maybe I forgot to uncheck the RAW option".. c'mon guys, I am not that sloppy :)

Anyhow, problem solved, and CloneCD writes at any speed without registering! :)
hmmm. I use CDRwin 4.0A and burn all my games RAW and they work perfectly.....I guess my Yamaha burner is a great burner.... :p Plusmore nobody I know even likes CloneCD, its a worthless POS that noone uses anymore since CDRwin has gotten so much better.... I guess you need a new burner.... Not to piss anyone off....just my 2 cents worth...


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I don't even see a real functional difference between CDRWIN and CloneCD .... someone tell me why CloneCD is dissed so much? Just curious. It does work for me, that's all...I also copy in RAW-DAO mode and get perfect backups...

btw isn't CDRWIN 4.0 a beta? I used 3.8g ...


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I don't even see a real functional difference between CDRWIN and CloneCD .... someone tell me why CloneCD is dissed so much?
By dissed, I'm assuming you mean what its disadvantages are. Here are some I can think of:
  • CDRWin is smaller than CloneCD (filesize-wise).
  • CDRWin outputs BIN+CUE which can be burned with other burning applications (e.g., Nero, Fireburner, BlindWrite); CloneCD's format is proprietary AFAIK.
  • 3 files is more confusing than 2 files (CCD+IMG+SUB vs. BIN+CUE).
  • CDRWin supports both Windows and DOS, CloneCD only supports Windows (AFAIK).
I have just about the same problem with my Yamaha burner. When I use CDRwin / EZCDPro 95 to create a image file it craps out the the end with a bad read or some to that effect. But I can use Nero and create a .nrg image of the CD without problems, then I use WinISO to convert it.