Comment on the 20/21 pin differences topic...

Okay, I went and read through the post on the 20/21pin modboard differences, but since its really late I didn't bother to sit and actually absorb the info :p This post is merely about an observation I've made... I got my lik-sang 21 pin modboard a few days ago, and before I put it in (also before I realized they didn't mean pin 3, they meant pin THIRTEEN.....*grumbles*), I scanned it... and after I scanned it I saw what they were talking about with the white/grey/green dots or whatever (both those references are from's installation walkthrough, btw)... if you look at the board it says something like 0014 and 0019, and in the walkthrough it said it was for the model version.... does THAT have any significance? I wasnt sure if it was overlooked or already proved/disproved...

(if anyone needs scans of at least the lik-sang 21 pin mod, ive got them :p )
Yeah the 0014 and 0019 solder bridges do have some significance, but thus far only with different 21 pin models.

I've only modded 2 Saturns and both have the 32 pin IC to solder to for signal and they both work with the 0014 bridge. However, I've read other people's posts saying that they have what seems to be the same hardware and could only get it to work with the 0019 bridge.

I wish I could see a pattern... ???

It would help if we knew what the different bridges do.