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Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Pinchy, Nov 19, 2004.


    RIBANOJOKU New Member

    ok thanks,finished but got a nother prob chip is working because it plays originals but it dosent play copys what can i do fix this prob.i got a nother saturn with the chip and the american jap mod too and it plays perfect but this saturn is driving me crazy please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :damn:
  2. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    maybe your games are not patched to match the region of your saturn.

    be sure to have unlinked A and B and 0014-0019 on the chip.

    another possible thing, is that if you use a cracked cdrwin it burns the cd, you see the files but they mean nothing, their content is fucked up?to be sure listen an audio track if it's noise only you're fixed.

    RIBANOJOKU New Member

    Can you explain to me what you mean by "unlinked a and b and 0014-0019"?About the games I've tried them out in diferent saturn systems and they work perfectly,although there the saturns with the round buttons.I'm using Alcohol 120% and nero for my copy's.

    thanks in advance!!

  4. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    on the back face of the chip you have on the top A and B be sure they are not linkned, on the right of the chip the 0014-0019 jumper, be sure those points are not linked.

    for the games they might work very well in other saturns, but are they the same region as yours?

    use saturn region patcher to change the region of your iso to match your saturn. a usa game can have the japanese region, it's simply a question of patch and therefore can't start on a us machine exept if you have a 4in1 action replay or something like that.
  5. Merick

    Merick New Member

    I give up. Is there anyone who can sell me a working hacked chip?
  6. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    i am about to order some for a french forum (www.segakore.net), where do you live?
  7. Merick

    Merick New Member

    I live in Minnesota
  8. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    any success now ?

    what console do you have ?

    what copy-programm u use or u have hk-silver ?

    correct region ?

    in what results your backup-boots ended ? red blob/spheres or cubes at the cd-player menue ?
  9. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    sounds like a contact-problem from modboard to mainboard as in a earlier post from me:

    >I recommend: put the modchipboard into mainboard not cd-board. the modchipboard is maybe a little bit bend so some contacts have no contact in the mainboardslot, this was a error for me with 2 modchipboards resulting in strange red/yellow/green spheres or cubes combos at boot. I resoldered the flatcable-port at the modchipboard (that was the reason) to unbend the modchipboards and to get good contact within slot at mainboard.

    try to operate your saturn without lid so u can push the modboard a little bit during/between your bootexperiments so I figured out it was a contactproblem.
  10. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    you should try seal"s solution.

    i will order from racket boy by the end of the week, if you still need a mochip already modded let me know, i sell them 25 euro modded including shipping and sent by prior mail.

    i have paypal to receipt a payement.
  11. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    chips around the globe ;-) usa to europe and back ;-)
  12. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    yes indeed :D
  13. Merick

    Merick New Member

    Seal's solution wouldn't help as my problem is that I'm no good with soldering.

    How much is that 25 euro in USD, and would you be willing to give me a refund if I can't get the modded chip to work?
  14. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    it wouldn't be a good deal for me, but we can do the opposite why not sending me the chip and i send it back to you fixed for free if the chip is working of course.

    i keep the postal fees for me as they will only be 1 euro, f that can help you.
  15. Merick

    Merick New Member

    just got my hacked chip from NHJ, it got a little smashed up in the mail, but I somehow managed to re-attach the one wire that came loose without damaging anything else. Installed it with no problems, works great.

    here's a tip for anyone who wants to install a chip without sodering in the power wire - strip the end of the wire and bend it into a loop, unplug the power connector and slip the loop over the 5v pin, when you plug the connector back in it will hold the wire in place for you
  16. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    i am happy you received the chip and everything is working on your side.

    i tried to do my best for the shipping, with such a form letter, it's not treated by customs and so no fees to pay.
  17. everestx

    everestx New Member

    I am having problems wit hthis mod, I have started getting a red a and yellow sphere pop up in the CD player menu. I recieve the same error code if you will with only the cd rom plugged in with no mod board. Any suggestions?
  18. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    well the usual suggestions, use a multimeter, check that the tracers are well cut, check all wires for continuity, also check if you didn't damage something around and if you soldered on the right points.
  19. Mr.Johnson

    Mr.Johnson New Member

    Greetings chummers, I'm wondering if it's still possible to order a chip pre moded for a 20 pin model 1 saturn. I've got my credstick ready.
  20. mal

    mal Member

    Credstick? What year is it again? :lol:

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