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Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Pinchy, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Nos9

    Nos9 New Member

    Gogou, success, i bought two other saturns, and one was a Version 2 MK80200A-50 PAL and the other was a Version 1 MK80200-50 PAL.

    The version 1 system seems to be the same as yours, with the same cd-rom unit, and possibly the same mainboard.

    My version 2 i modded with no problems with the modchip from racketboy, which is a 32 pin IC with a 21 pin cd-rom cable, and a ENR-013A Cd-rom Unit. I soldered the A & B points together on the mod chip, and got the console running with out soldering a wire to the IC.


    Image is of my Version 2 - Mainboard PC BD SATURN MAIN VA9 - Cd-rom Unit ENR-013A

    Could people post images off there saturns like shown above, so we work out how many different versions are circulating, thanks.

  2. gogou

    gogou New Member

    Sorry I forgot to come :s Glad to hear it worked for you :) Pics of my saturn are few post above it is a pal 1 very first model :)
  3. Merick

    Merick New Member

    Heyas, newbie here. Last week, while looking for some games for another system, I ended up buying a saturn. I've checked the cable and it's definately a model 1, so I've ordered a chip from Jandaman and intend to try doing this mod to it and since the only soldering I've ever done was to re-heat the controller inputs on a genesis, I have a few questions.

    First, is there a specific typ of wire that I need to use for this? I've got a bunch small wires from a 200-in-1 electronics kit I got as a kid, will these work? (you know, one of those toys that has a board with resistors and stuff that you connect to the wires with springs)

    Second, for the picture that shows red lines for where to cut the circuits, what's the best way? do i just take a knife to it, or do I need to use the iron?

    For the rest, it looks pretty simple to attach most of the wires, but I'm a little concerned about the one that gets soldered right to the connector. When doing this one, what's the best way to make sure you get the solder only on that one?
  4. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    hello Merick,

    for having done this mod, i'll tell you how i proceed

    for the wires i used ata-40 cable.

    to remove the connector on the left, i used something to hide the other connectors i don't know the word but it's used a lot in manual work, it's "pince" in french, so you maintain the chip meantime with this tool you protect the other connector, i used a cisor.

    to cut the trace, don't use a knife it's too big not enough accurate, you don't want to cut a trace you shouldn't.

    i recommend the use of a cutter as it cuts deeply and accurately.

    i suggest you to do a continuity test with your multimeter on the pins where you plug the lens cable and the connector so that you know when the trace is completely cut, i don't know what kind of thing could produce a bad mod work on this chip.

    to attache the wire on the connector, i suggest that you scrath the trace juste before the connector so that you can see the conductor and solder on it.be sure to check with the multimeter that after soldering on it, the trace is still cut.

    if you really don't succeed to solder on the trace, you can put a little "ball" of solder on the beggining of the connector, to have this chip i can tell you the connector is only placed at 75% in the console connector, so you still have room to work :lol:

    i hope this will help you with this mod.
  5. Merick

    Merick New Member

    As I said, I've never reaaly done this kind of thing before, when you say "cutter", exactly what kind of tool are you talking about? Also, I kind of have an idea what a multimeter is, but i've never actually seen one close up before....
  6. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    here's you tools




  7. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    wow -- big pictures :D
  8. gogou

    gogou New Member

    you should resize your picture with acdsee or other ;)

    For Merick,

    - I've used a dremel to cut the circuit board and to cut trace.

    - Your wire are correct to solder.

    - It is not an easy mod, you have to be very precise, so don't use a iron more than 50w (mine is a 25w). The circuit board is very fragile.

    - To be sure not to solder on other trace, just protect the and don't put too much of solder ther. Just a few is required.

    - The most difficult part is probably to solder on the connector, be sure that your wire don't tuch other pin! I've used a magnifier to be sure (8X)

    a++ have fun :)
  9. Merick

    Merick New Member

    thanks for the tips, now I just have to wait for the chip to get here
  10. Nos9

    Nos9 New Member

    Hey Guys, my japanese saturn arrived today, grey with blue oval buttons, and she is a real beauty, and built at a higher standard than ive seen with PAL edition saturns. I will get some photos up soon i hope.

  11. gogou

    gogou New Member

    maibe you got a hisaturn :D if you get that waouu....
  12. Merick

    Merick New Member

    Damn! I cut the trace to the wrong connector :(
  13. NHJ

    NHJ New Member

    hello merick, don't panic :)

    when you cut the trace , it's still there.well of course it's cut but you can scratch it before and after you cut and place little wire to renable it.

    personnaly i use the inside of the 40 ATA pin cable, it's small and kinda solid.

    if you need any further help let us know.
  14. Merick

    Merick New Member

    Not the way i cut it. You see, what I cut was just one space to the

    right of the one I should have cut. Because of the way I cut it,

    there's no way that I'd be able re-connect it without getting soder

    all over the other connetors. I'm gonna hafta get a new one and try again.
  15. RitualOfTheTrout

    RitualOfTheTrout New Member

    Just to specify, where exactly do you obtain the 5v power supply for the mod at?

    I think from reading the post on the model that has the power supply connected to the top

    half of the Saturn you can just splice into the red wire thats going into it but for the other model which

    has the powerboard on the bottom half which pin do you use? Is it still the second one from the top like in model 2?

  16. Merick

    Merick New Member

    From what I understand, most of the boards have the power ratings printed on them right next to the connector
  17. Nos9

    Nos9 New Member

    From the saturns i own all of the pal editions both 1 & 2, have there power boards sit above the mainboard with pins connecting from the mainboard in to the power supply unit. My Japanese saturn with blue buttons, has a power supply screwed to the top of the saturn case, and instead of pins from mainboard connecting to it, it has a pc style power connecter which is connected to the mainboard.

    Version 1 PSU have a the amounts printed next to the pins socket on the psu, version 2 psu don't have it printed on the board. So if in dout check with a meter.

    Also if your not very good with electronics or solering, then you might want to buy a premodded saturn or find someone who could mod it for you.

    My vector saturn arrived yesterday, but i havent opened it up yet.

    Reply to someones comment about mine being a Hi-Saturn, nope she is not a Hi-Saturn, but she is a real beauty and i prefer her over the Hi-Saturn.


    RIBANOJOKU New Member

    got mi chip ready but where do i connect the blue wire on the 20 pin saturn.
  19. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    blue wire is not really needed.

    the red one (+5v) goes to powersupply (+5v).

    don´t trust "colorcodes", check if the red one really +5v, on the modboard are some "+5v - places/contactpads".
  20. ClassicGamer

    ClassicGamer New Member

    Seal, I just finished modding my saturn,but I want to know why is not playing my back up copy's.It play's originals but not the copy's!!! Any Ideas?


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