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Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Pinchy, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. skx

    skx New Member

    Hello friends,

    first of all, sorry for my bad english.

    THIS PICTURE IS ORIGINAL BY SEAL1 !! I just added the Marks for the questions.


    1. Question

    I know that there should not be any solder. But it is already shipped without any solder on that points.

    Should I scratch the blue line away?

    2. Question

    What does the yellow sign means aspecialy at this point?

    3. Question

    Why should I cut between the green Wire and the 0014 ?

    0019 and 0014 are already seperated by shipping.

    4. Question

    Is it right that you only need the red cable to plug in at the motherboards 5V conncetor?

    Why are here 2 blue cables?

    Thank you very much friends, a totaly pictured guide with every step would be awsome.

    I am thinking about to do a complete Movie. So every noob can do it without any question. (plus GC and PS2 HDD).



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  2. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    the green lines are wires.

    the red lines are cuts or desolder.

    yellow are pin 1 or zoom.

    yes, cut or scratch the line

    it´s a small "1" means pin 1 is there, already told in thread here I thought ... yes I know it´s a long read.

    0019, middle, 0014 are 3 !!! contact-pads not 2. so if you desolder middle-0019 you should see these 3 points.

    than solder the wire to the middle like the green line in picture (hope it´s correct from looking at my old picture and I wouldn´t read the whole thread too ;-) )

    @Mon, 2006-05-15 @ 08:09 PM

    4. Question

    Is it right that you only need the red cable to plug in at the motherboards 5V conncetor?

    Why are here 2 blue cables?


    yes, only red wire to +5v.

    but remember the green lines in the picture so wire point A to pin 9.
  3. skx

    skx New Member

    Thank you a lot seal1.

    I repeatly readed the whole Topic again and again, so I found that with the yellow one symbol. Sorry for that question.

    "Scratch" what means it?

    I can scratch with a carpet knife till the blue is gone and some silver is blinking. But I cant remove those silver lines that are poping up. If I would scratch nevertheless I would reach the other side and would have finaly a hole in my Chip.

    Please maby you can tell me more how to scratch best.

    Maby a PIC where you can see how it should be looking after correctly scratched?

    Thank you so much seal1


  4. skx

    skx New Member

    Hello again =)

    i just want to ask, if anybody can explain the part with "scratch or cut".

    Thank you friend in advance


  5. seal1

    seal1 New Member

    where is my post from last weekend ... was there a restore from a backup ?

    yes a carpetknife or scalpel will do.

    it´s more a cut instead scratch so scratching the blue color away isn´t sufficient, u have to cut those "silver lines" which poping up. u have to do it with the right pressure for this specific pcb, maybe you do some cuts for learning on an old pcb from an dead device. after cutting follow the lines to both other ends and measure with a throughput-meter for NO throughput.

    some unsharp pictures from pinchy are in this thread.
  6. Mr.Johnson

    Mr.Johnson New Member

    I was recently given a model 1 saturn with two controllers but no games, the system has been rarely used so i would rather use it instead of ordering a model 2 off ebay and moding it. since i haven't paid any money for this system i am willing to pay a fair price for a pre moded chip. i have recently gone on a sega collecting spree and am very excited to finally play a sega saturn. so anyways, i am wondering if anyone knows who or where to purchase a chip from that has been already moded for a model 1 saturn. thanks for your time, Mr.Johnson.
  7. dennis808

    dennis808 New Member

    I used a onesided razor like this one:


    to cut the traces.

    It wasn't really visible for all cuts wether it was through or not, but I checked all cut with the continuity setting (Ohm-switch) of a cheap multimeter to make sure...
  8. Xzyx987X

    Xzyx987X New Member

    I just purchased a V2 modchip from Robb Web's site, in the hopes of being able to mod it for my 20 pin 1st generation Japanese Saturn.I have had a Xinga chip in my other Saturn for a while now, but the thing is crap, and refuses to work after the Saturn has been on more than 15 minutes, unless I give it an hour to cool down. I'd rather not use that type of chip anymore if it can be helped.

    I'm not an expert on electronics, but I'd say it's safe to assume the exact same operation can't be applied to a completely different chip design. Furthermore, the V2 chip doesn't even seem to have good places to reroute most of the connections. I was thinking it might be possible to just modify the ribbon cables going into and out of the chip to swap connections, but there is far from a 1 to 1 correlation between the pin functions.

    Could someone with a little knowledge and experience tell me if this is possible, and how I might go about doing it? If it helps, you can sort of get a look at the chip here.
  9. Whitestuff

    Whitestuff New Member

    I just follow all of the red lines and green lines in the original pic and I'll be ok, right? I don't really understand the verbal instructions too well, but I can follow the lines in the picture. :D I'm a novice at soldering circuit boards, but I successfully modded a 21 pin saturn a few years ago.

    Also, how are the pins on the board counted? I know where pin 1 is on the plastic connection, obviously, but how do you count from there? And the legs of the IC? Which is pin 1 and how do you count them from there? That would help me understand the verbal directions a lot more.

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