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Diversity in Gaming COmmunity

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffrey, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey New Member

    I went to another game board dedicated to SNES. I read a really racist thread where the gamers (all seemingly mature in age) were ranting about toleratating "certain" ethnic groups.

    I remember reading before a satire about the gaming community consisting of mostly (if not entirely) white middle class men. However, I remember a few posts on this board by what appeared to be women and other ethnic persons.

    So I wanted to start a poll/post to find out how diverse our community is. . . I think talking and sharing our diversity would really make for a more respectable and mature perception of what a "gamer" is.

    I am a black guy in america. What are you?
  2. y2kzorak

    y2kzorak New Member

    Funny.. I was just talking about this to someone last night and noting the lack of women gamers, and in particular, a lack of them on these boards. I know there are a few, but they haven't popped up in a while.

    As for myself, I am a female of mixed European heritage, which in layman's terms means white/caucasian.
  3. Jaded God

    Jaded God Member

    That someone is me [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. WiseMan

    WiseMan New Member

    i could offer you diversity by claiming to be a mutant purple octopus concealed within a mound of powerade bottles but no.. that would be lying.

    my opinion on this is that the majority of gamers probably would be male white/caucasians becuase white/caucasian just seems to be the most numourous race. I'm quite sure that if you compared each race on a scale that makes the numbers even, then the amount of gamers between races would be the same.

    males in particular becuase it isnt half obvious that alot of females aren't as actively involved in gaming as you are y2kzorak.

    I know a few female gamers who really enjoy their games. They just don't take it as far as we do with forums and modding etc etc.

    Gaming for me is more like a culture or something. Its something i'm always being actively involved in and talking about etc. But with the female gamers i know, they just play for a bit of short term entertainment. I feel that the board lacks alot of female gamers becuase its just not generally interesting to alot of females.

    people that make racist judgements should be excluded from society.

    we dont need that filth.
  5. Myname

    Myname Member

    I'm sure the Japanese would account for a lot of gamers.. but you're hardly likely to bump into any of them on the sites we'd visit, so it's easy to forget.

    I was reading about a report the other day that said more than 50% of college students in the USA who play games are female, but they could've just been freak results.
  6. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey New Member

    Tell that to the Chinese who make up nearly 60% of the worlds population. NOt to mention women outnumber men (52% of the world is female). Obviously, the young outnumber the old... so...

    If an alien came down and kidnapped a human being, it would most likely be a young Chinese woman, the most populous group on the earth. So logically, this board should be filled with chinese girls.
  7. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    Hahaha... funny reasoning.

    Anyway, I'm female, born in England, mother is German, but live in the US right now. Fun!
  8. axelblazeadam

    axelblazeadam Staff Member

    I'm a white male from England.

    So I fit into the sterotypical gamer catogory perfectly.

    The main reason why most gamers appear to be like this is that the biggest nations where videogaming is popular have a mainly white population. Particularly on English messageboards, most people posting will come from English speaking nations. Most of these have a higher proportion of white people as opposed to other races. So its no surprise that most gamers belong to that group.
  9. Whitesnake

    Whitesnake New Member

    i think my sig says it all and my family heritage [​IMG] :cheers
  10. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    So what...you're a pirate? [​IMG]
  11. Myname

    Myname Member

    No, he's related to Mel Gibson [​IMG]. Since I didn't mention, my mother's Scottish, my Dad's Burmese and I was born in England so I'm a mongrel too.
  12. mal

    mal Member

    I thought it was a relative of Ronald McDonald...
  13. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    Well I think that the reason it seems that the most gamers are white males is because of a few things.

    This survey or whatever it was was probably done by a north american person or organization. Since North America is composed of many caucasian people, the chances are that mostly north american white people would be in the majority to play games. Now the thing about women not playing so much might be because men are more inclined towards violence. It has been shown that men find violence, action and excitment more entertaining than women do who could sit around all day doing nothing or buying shoes [​IMG] This is probably why the results said that white men played games more.

    But if you did the study in like japan do you think you'd get the same answer? India, Africa, Mexico the answer would be different for each of those countries. And maybe middle class white men play them more because poor people can't afford them and rich people have more expensive and better ways for entertaining themselves.
  14. Jurai

    Jurai Ban Hammered

    black ppl who live in the ghetto and crew up drinking their mama's crack laced breast milk cant afford video games
  15. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey New Member

    Didn't you guys read that I was Black?

    Should I have not brought this up? It's really disappointing because I thought you guys were cool.

    Of course, this doesn't help the stereotype of the socially-retarded videogame player. I should probably go elsewhere before I make a big argument out of this...

    Have a nice life anyway.
  16. WiseMan

    WiseMan New Member

    jurai there must be a misunderstanding here... perhaps u should change that.
  17. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    You gotta relax. He's joking he's jurai thats what he does dont take it personally. Do you think I get angry because I get called a dirty mexican... [​IMG]
  18. SAG26

    SAG26 New Member

    I'm a white guy in the US and I play videogames, so I fit under the stereotype.
  19. Jurai

    Jurai Ban Hammered

    i live in san antonio, and mexicans need to stop coming here and being bums! i changed my post, i hope jeff is no longer offended, also, ill try not to extend my bashing upon y2kzorak (im an ass but i do respect females)
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