Does the Slavedriver engine source code exist?

I will preface this question by first stating: yes, I know all about Maxime "XL2"'s Project Z-Treme engine. It is technical masterpiece that appears to have been inspired, in part, by Lobotomy Software's Slavedriver engine for Sega Saturn, improving upon it in many key areas (gourad shading everywhere, unlimited draw distance, improved culling, realtime reflections and transparency, etc, etc).

Since I have no clue if the latest version of Project Z-Treme is, or ever will be, open source, I wanted to play around with Lobotomy Software's engine instead. The project I'm envisioning is much less ambitious than Hellslave anyway. It would be more like PowerSlave/Exhumed: 2D sprites, large open maps with lots of geometric complexity, and physics-based platforming.

After spending a couple hours going in circles on Google, I keep coming across the following "consensus" regarding Slavedriver:
  1. Their DOS/PS1 source code is lost to time
  2. Their Sega Saturn source code does exist, and is out there...somewhere
I am only interested in their Saturn engine anyway, so that revelation is encouraging; however, try as I might, I cannot seem to find this mythical source code anywhere, even on this forum. Does it really exist, or have I been bamboozled?