EBAY troubles

so here's the deal: I bought an mp3 player off a seller on ebay, sent the money and have not received anything several weeks later. My money order has tracking and it has been received and cashed but I've yet to receive anything even though I paid for "priority" shipping. I've sent them probably about 10 e-mails and have received not one reply. Is there anything I can do?
Ebay provides a fraud protection scheme - details should be somewhere on the site. If the vaule of the goods is high enough, and they agree that you were ripped off, you should get your money back.

You can also apply to get the sellers phone number so you can chase him up that way. Be aware that doing so will also give him your phone number. Remember is could be a genuine mistake at the post office, or a real "lost parcel", though his lack of response to your email is suspicious.
Plead your case with the fraud people on eBay - after the follow up, if you're really nice enough, they'll pay you all the money for the item. That's what they did for me. Just try all avenues, keep all the emails you've sent him, and all relative documents (especially the receipt for the M/O - that's very crucial).

It might take a while to get your money back, but you'll most certainly get that person banned from eBay (which is worth it).
yea but if you have any negatives in your feedback even if its from an anus trying to dick you over for something he was upset about that was his fault - ebay will be less likeyly to help you -- they will respond with a -have you resolved your diferences with the other sellers or buyers (which ever gave you the feedback)