Elektra and Wolverine

i went to the usual comic book store today, to find the first two volumes of 'elektra and wolverine'. if was the first time i saw it, and when i saw the cover, i was like, wtf? it's marvel comics, collabo with FF's Yoshitaka Amano!!!! elektra resembles terra from ff6, except she's more..bulk? is that the right word? kind of more muscular, but still terra. anyway, its more of a picture-book than a graphic novel (meaning, picture on one page, words on the other) but so far it's fairly interesting.

the guy at the comic store said it came out some wks ago. am i the only one who missed out on this?
Yer not the only one. My store didn't recieve any of the six copies ordered of issue one thanks to yet another Diamond Distributions fuck up. As soon as the re-order arrives, I'll be picking it up.

Greg Rucka, the writer, was originaly a novelist, so the illustrated novel format works well with his style. His Grendel book was pretty good.

And Yoshitaka-san's art in the Sandman: Dreamhunters book was awesome. That was also an illustrated novel.

Marvel has definitley re-earned my respect since Joe Quesada took over as EIC. The pure talent he has been able to draw in (Rucka, Brian Bendis, Kevin Smith, Dave Mack, Chris Golden, Garth Ennis, Bruce Jones, Grant Morrison, and J. Michael Straczynski, to name a few) and the others he has chosen to push out (John Byrne, Howard Mackie, Rob Liefeld, and to a point, Chris Claremont) has pushed Marvel back to the forefront of the creative thinking in the comic field.
Do you know where I could find a list of some of the comic/graphic novel stuff that JMS has written? I've heard that he's doing Amazing Spider-Man now, but is there anything else? I've never been really into comics, and I consider it something I've neglected. Being a fan of that other thing written primarily by JMS, I think I'd like to take a look at how he puts together a story in another context, and this seems like a fine excuse to try to get into comics :).
Yeah, he's writing Amazing Spidey now, and anything put out by the "Joe's Comics" imprint of Top Cow / Image. That would be Rising Stars (which, IMHO, is even better than B5) and Midnight Nation, with a hardcover fairy-tale style book coming out soon (I don't remember the title off the top of my head). Take the easy route and pick up the first two Rising Stars trade paperbacks to get started.

And if you decide to check out his Spidey work, don't be afraid to pick up the other Spiderman book written by Paul Jenkins. JMS and PöJ each add their own distinct voices to the character, yet manage to compliment one another perfectly. Marvel is keeping up collecting both series into TPB form. There are now two trades from PöJ's Peter Parker series, and the first full trade of JMS's Amazing Spidey should be on its way.