Fast Saturn RPG..

In like.. 20 or less hours? I've already beaten PDS and Shining Force 3 S1.

I have pretty much every RPG for it, and I'd prefer to beat one in English. What's a fast one to beat? I need a break from this Gameboy, but not for too long.
Shining Wisdom if you don't get stuck on the puzzles...Albert Odyessy is pretty short 2.
I recommend Legend of Oasis (The Story of Thor 2), though it's more action-adventure than traditional RPG.
Don't have the holy ark or wisdom.. where can I get them? I've yet to find them. :

After Golden Sun, I think I'm gonna start on Albert and then Oassis.
Oasis is pretty good...Its getting harder, Magic Knight Rayearth isnt too shabby...its a little to cute for me at times, but the anime cutscenes and the cool shooter style thing that happens towards the end is pretty cool...shouldnt take you more than 20 or so hours....