FS - Modded Saturn


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Hey, I'm selling a modded US Model 2 Sega Saturn along with the compulsory A/V cable and power cord, a new 3D controller and model 1 controller. The exterior is a bit scuffed up, but it functions perfectly with tranparent behavior for all backups I've tried, and not a single failed boot.
I modded it with one of the V2 modchips with the built in clock oscilator, which is by far superior to the other chips floating around. My asking price is $100 shipped anywhere in the USA.


Chilly Willy

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Let's see...

3D controller - usually about $20 shipped

console - usually about $60 shipped

mod chip - usually about $20 shipped

Yeah, I guess $100 for a modded Saturn with the 3D controller is fair. I think the main issue right now might be the fact that you joined in 2007 and have only made two posts - the two in this thread.