Headhunter and Shenmue 2

Got them both in the mail today and I'll post opinions of both of them later if any are interested. Please feel free to leave behind any questions as I'll be glad to answer them. :)
i brought mine on saturday at eb, shenmue 2 from what ive played so far is a great improvement on the 1st one

headhunter on the other hand i was very disappointed with, the game overall feels rush, with bugs and glitches popping up very quickly

i also felt it didnt take full advantage of the graphical capabilities of the dc, a total lack of detail in alot of areas more than anything

i paid £29.99 for each of them btw (around us$45 i think)
I paid 25 pounds for each from Gameplay.com. With shipping it comes out to a little less than 50 bucks...not bad. Haven't had a chance to play much but I can say one thing about Shenmue 2...a lot more people onscreen. Anyways, I'm off to play...I'll give impressions later if you guys are interested.
I heard recently that their just came out a second version of head hunter for DC that has an extra disk which does something like patching the bugs. Don't realy know if its true or not, but I suppose if the first ones that came out did have bugs it would be nice.
I seriously doubt that...how do you patch bugs on a machine that has no hard drive?

For the little of Headhunter that I played yesterday, i like it and didn't come across any bugs. The enviroments are clean and "sterile" giving a strange mood to the game. So far I like what I played and look forward to putting in more time to it. Driving the motorcycle is pretty cool.

Shenmue 2...It's BIG. The enviroments I mean. I feel almost agoraphobic (sp?) while I played it its so big. It was VERY easy to get lost and there seems to be multiple paths to same location. (through alleysways etc.) It is also a much faster paced than the first one. With 2 game days under my belt I've been mugged, got two part-time jobs, fought some baddies, did a QTE chase sequence, gambled, and arm wresteled a couple of times. Theres a LOT to do in this version. So far it's great but not yet in the "meat" of the game yet.

As for the music, it seems fine. I thought it was great in the first one so I don't know what would make it better.
Ok, I have a question about all this importing you people are doing. I have never imported from anywhere other then japan and now have two games (Headhunter and Shenmue 2) which I must import. Ok here are the questions:

1. If I import a UK game for DC, what will I need to make my system run it?

2. Will a normal TV be able to play Shen 2 and Head~ or would I have to get a new one do because of the PAL problems?

3. If I order the games from Gameplay.com (for any of you that have bought games from their) will they accept us funds, or will I have to get my money exchanged for UK pounds?

4. Anything else I should be warned about before importing from the UK?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I wana play these games but I don't want to import then find out I cant play them.
1. I take that back. I know Utopia works, but I don't know about the rest

2. Keep your old TV. It will work just fine.

3. If you use a credit cards, funds are exchanged automatically.

4. Yes. It can take up to 2 weeks to get here. Headhunter took that long. Shenmue 2 took 5 days.

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1. My gameshark wouldn't let me boot up the game...I heard the same about the DC-X. Luckily the Utopia Boot Disk does. So, if it doesn't work use the boot disk.

2. Both games are 60 hz. compatible

3. Use a credit card...NOT a check card.

4. Headhunter and Shenmue 2 arrived on the same day even though they shipped at different times.
pheadbaq: It's a good thing you've found the answer to your own question.

FLEABttn: I got my copy of Shenmue II (UK) in the mail yesterday. Man, what big packaging. It has 2 very thick manuals (to cover the various European languages) and comes in two nicely designed two-disc jewel cases that I've never seen before. Nice round edges, looks great! :)

To output to my computer monitor using a VGA adapter, I had to use the Action Replay CDX to boot this game b/c the GameShark CDX didnt work (gee, I wonder why? ;)). BTW, the UTOPiA CD Loader v1.1 works on TV's, but not on VGA monitors. Even though there is a patch for it, it doesn't work 100%, and I think you need to tinker with your VGA adapter as well.
dammit im confused now x_x

ok here's my situation

NTSC/U Dreamcast

Treamcast VGA-box

VGA monitor

Utopia v.1.1 w/VGA patch

Action Replay CDX

so..if i buy the PAL/E Shenmue2, how can i play it?
I JUST finished Shenmue 2 and I have to say...WOW! What an amazing game! Like the original Shenmue it grows on you and by the time you reach the last disk you're sad to see it end. Suzuki-san somehow managed to walk a fine line of creating a "simulated" life while keeping the player from getting bored.

If it is within your means I HIGHLY recommed purchasing it. I'm already looking forward to playing it again...on my Xbox. If you like Shenmue, you'll LOVE Shenmue 2...It does everything the first installment did well and eliminated (mostly) everything it did wrong.