hehe, this is funny shit.....

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I got online yesterday and seen in my inbox that I had just been accepted into EQ Online Adventures BETA for PS2. The funny thing is 1st that I quit that game cuz it started to take over my life and 2nd I don't even have a PS2 or BBA, gunna have to borrow my friends I guess. I just took the survey thing cuz I was bored all to hell one day. Good times I guess though. Anyone else get into this BETA?
Well my friend has a PS2 and a BBA as well as keyboard and mouse so I am set on that. He works ALL the time so I'll be able to borrow it frequently. As for paying for the game, it's BETA Cynn, they are sending me the DVD for free. So actually yes, it's free until BETA stops at which point I'll stop too
. Peace.
Yeah OKAY I'm sure you'll be able to stop.

*falls over laughing*

Remind me to be super-cool and beta test shit so I can say "Yeah I beta tested this game for the WHOLE time and when it finally came out, I didn't want to pay for it so I deleted my character and everything and wasted the whole time I spent beta testing AND I have nothing to show for beta testing it other than this shitty dvd! I ROCK THE PLANET! But yeah d00dz, 3y3 r0x0r j00 cuz I'm l33t b3t4 t35t3r!!!"

*rolls eyes*
hehe, good times. I'll be able to quit. Most likely I'll just give my char to my friend and play it when I stay over at his house. I was addicted once awhile ago. Shit starts to ruin yer life. and BTW, on dateline I think it is, this friday, they are having a segment on videogames and how sum ppl are addicted.

no, I'll have more to show than just a shitty DVD, just overall good times. Just sum relaxing times and the fact that this will help me get into future BETA tests. They more u have the easier it is to get into other ones.
Originally posted by Cynnamin@Oct. 14 2002, 3:35 pm

Yeah OKAY I'm sure you'll be able to stop.

*falls over laughing*

Not that I want to be super cool or anything, but I was on the original EQ beta test for PC and I didn't even consider playing it after the test was over. Not that I really played it a whole lot when I was on it. They woulda deleted the character anyway, to level the field on launch (I think that was the plan anyway).
Originally posted by BJammzz@Oct. 16 2002, 4:08 pm

EQ is fun and can EASILY take you over, anyone else addicted to EQ now or at one time?

I try to stay away from the games for that whole reason -- plus subscription fees.

But there's a couple of other programmers here at work that talk about the game all the time.

And there's my wife's friend's brother that practically lives on the dumb thing

To be honest, I don't really feel like I'm missing out at anything.
Yeah, it's fun as fuk but you start thinkin about it too much, that's all u start thinkin about and saturday nights you do raids instead of party. It's cool but since I was hooked on it once, I'll make sure and keep myself at a healthy level this time around.
I dunno, maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance, but I found it extremely dull. There were a ton of people running around, not a whole lot of bad guys to fight, and I couldn't see spending the time to try and build up a character. When I finally found a blasted mosquito (that someone else wasn't already trying to kill), or whatever it was, half the time the thing would run away before I could kill it. And I could never catch the damn things since it was hard to hit it when it kept moving away from you. Chasing a mosquito to earn tiny amounts of experience, then finding out that you're lost and have to find your way back != fun. I did have a shittier computer back then too, and the load times were horrible. But still.

I support the idea of these games, but I doubt I'll ever get seriously involved. I thought the idea of Sims Online was kinda neat until I realized that it was like living a fake life instead of living your own. I wanted that WWII online thing to be cool, but I read it had some problems. That would really interest me. Driving tanks, flying planes, or just running around shooting people. Then again, maybe not. Ah well.
Yea, it starts out boring cuz u rlly don't know what to do. but after a few level u start grping and hunting shit. good times I thought. A lot of the ppl on there are dumb though
I lived EverQuest for about 2 years, in fact i've only just quit my account. You mention that the game is dull and I'd have to agree with you in a way. Regular EQ is so repetitive and boring. Kill NPC, level up, change zone, kill NPC. Wash, rinse and repeat. I got bored of it after about a month.

So i decided to try a pvp server and it was much much better than regular EQ. When you discover that the zone you're peacefully trekking though is owned by the enemy team and that they are tracking you down, it is anything but dull.

And why fight against computer AI when you can fight a skilful human oppent that strafes and can avoid your hits if you don't fight properly. Do you really want to park yourself in front of an NPC, hit the auto attack button, and sit back and watch the computer fight for you?

If you think EQ is dull, boring and repetitive, like i did, then play pvp instead. It's a different game.