Help!  Fireburner 1.06 gets stuck at end...


I'm using Fireburner 1.06 to burn my ISO+mpegs and it gets all the way to the end of the burning process (where it's doing the lead-out) and then hangs indefinitely (can't even open the drive door).

It just can't finalized the burning process... From the default options, I unchecked the multi-session option and burn at 4x.

Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this???


Oh yeah, I'm using disk-at-once to burn (other options don't work) and loading my info from a cue-sheet made with SegaCueMaker...
I had the same thing happen when I was using fireburner with my old 4x8 mitsumi drive. Try reinstalling the program, and use scandisk to scan for errors on your drive. That should in fact fix the problem, it did for me at least. if your burners old get a new one too, it helps out greatly. gotta love a 24x10x40 burner
I had the exact same problem as well, using fireburner and the sega cd cue maker. The problem was burning the games disc-at-once. I dunno exactly why that is, but the iso and wavs arent meant to be burnt disc-at-once anyways, they are supposed to be burned track-at-once. Change the settings in fireburner to track-at-once. And also, like someone else said, try the newest version of fireburner if you can't change it to track-at-once.
it did this on my computer 2 .

After it finished I gave it a couple minutes to stop blinking , then used nero to eject the drive .

Then the games seem to work fine .

I dunno try it on your computer see if it works for you 2 .