HK Silvers = CD-R = Not allowed?

Cecilia Chen

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Hey guys,

On the buy and sell forum, I was wondering if HK Silvers and Unlicensed Hardware and software are also considered banned (Like CD-Rs/ISOs/ect). I’m just curious because I have a stack of 60+ HK SS Silvers, which I haven’t even touched yet (Not in a binder, I mean literally a stack of games on my desk! ). I already have so much SS games and crap in my room that I don’t even want to put the effort into looking through and picking the ones I’m missing. I probably have all those games anyways (at least 98%-99% of them). I was also thinking about selling most of my games off, and some things I don’t even use anymore like a Super UFO 32 MB, Real Time Save State Cartridges, Multi-Consoles, ect.

If its not allowed to sell SS Silvers/Unlicensed products, that’s ok. I’ll probably just start giving stuff away.
HK silvers are not allowed.

the backup units WITHOUT game discs/roms are allowed.

unlicensed HW like NES clones etc is also allowed.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@June 21 2002,15:14

*sigh* you and your HongKong gaming products. what is a silver disc anyway?

a pressed copy rather than a burnt one

still illegial just the same as a burnt one would be

they would also afaik need a mod to play (i dont think they managed to crack the copy protection on them even with the hardware used to press the disc, or they might have just not bothered, ive never seen any discs in the flesh so to speak
Im sure its probably trivial for them to add the copy protection, but they would make more money selling people mod chips. I think the PSX has some Silvers which directly loaded, but the only one I have actualy seen is a Boot loading disk which isn't as good as a chip.

Just an aside, most of my SS Silvers came with Case, Covers, Spine cards, CD, ect. The only thing thats really sets them apart from the orignals is the fact that it dosn't come with a manual, and the CDs underside dosn't have the Sega logo.

Other than that, they are pretty good duplicates. The cheaper ones come with almost nothing and don't even have the original label pressed on the CD. Usualy just a Chinese title, or a slick looking disk that says its a demo or Test CD.
personally i don't see any difference between a backup rom cart, a hk silver and a pirate nes rom cart, except that silvers are cd based.
I agree with that point to be honest, I'd like to get some HK silvers with the cases etc...

I always look out for the HK bootleg MegaDrive carts in second hand shops, so far I got Streets of Rage, Super Shinobi, Golden Axe, World Cup Soccer and Jordan vs Bird in the NBA playoffs. I think the bootlegs are cool for some reason
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@June 22 2002,02:37

personally i don't see any difference between a backup rom cart, a hk silver and a pirate nes rom cart, except that silvers are cd based.

Well for one thing, flash carts can be used for more than playing warez. Pirate carts can be valuable for people building their own flash cartridges, but I see little value in paying for pirates. (In fact, mega super hyper ultra turbo zero 3 yoshi gaiden ex plus alpha wasn't completely wrong in that organized bootlegging has in fact been proven to be linked to organized crime. But blaming gamers swapping between themselves is idiocy.)
Hey! We have pressed silvers of all kinds here in the Philippines! And it's all over the country! The only store known for selling original PC CD-ROM s Data Blitz. Other than that, there's hardly anyone selling originals.

Well, most stores carry original PS2 games. But that's it. DC=silver, PSX=silver, PC=silver, DVD=silver, CDA=silver, VCD=silver, PS2=silver/DVD-silver, etc.

And most of the above go for $1 each, and PS2-DVD-copies go for $5 each.