I got a new cell phone...


Hey guys,

Let me start by saying I hate cell phones. With that being said, where can I get software to customize my cellphone? Alright screw customizing, I just need a program that will let me copy my phone book back and forth.

I have a Samsung E105, and I already checked google. Thanks in advance.

NR Pickle

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Is that possibly an S105 and you made a typo? If it is then you have the same phone I do.

you can get free wallpapers, ringtones, and games from:


Browse through that site to get the ID #'s of the files you want then use your phone to go to wap.s105.com and punch in the ID's to get the stuff on your phone.

For messing with the phone book etc using your pc you need a program called "easy gprs". (i think that's the name) I have it in a 34 MB zip if you want me to send it via aim. My aim nick is NR Pickle, shocker lol. I can't show you where I downloaded it from b/c I had to work my way through samsung's german website to get it for free which was a miracle of god.