ICS Networking

Ok since Im new to T-online and so on its confusing.

I have XP and 98 networked. Thats no problem. The issue is getting them to share the internet...I thought I did it from what I tried....I did install the disk XP gave me to do...still nada

Since I love this forum here wanna help me out?

OH yes, I have no router, Normally I do all my stuff with hubs...anyways help me out?
Well...while I don't have T-Online service and all. Are you sure you want to ICS your PCs with only a hub? I think if you were gonna try and use a hub, you may as well use a program to do the sharing for you, like:



Honestly, you best bet for sharing a single IP is by using a router with a built-in switch, if I remember right a Netgear router should be fairly cheap within your area, and they do work very good for their price - I strongly suggest doing that to be honest. I don't think its possible to get ICS from one IP, unless your willing to lose all your bandwidth throughout your network.

I would also suggest you read up within this site's FAQ, and even their message board for ICSing with whatever hardware setup your using:


here's a small set of faqs that should help you:


All in all, if you want, I can try and see if I can dig up /some information on getting the hub(s). Information on getting them to work with an XP setup seems scarce, and I've honestly haven't bothered trying it myself.

Hope all those links help you out in some way.

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Yes, 2 network cards on the host computer (Win XP) and 1 network card on the client computer (Win 98).

Edit: I misunderstood earlier.

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ARG! Are you SURE this is the ONLY way?

Also Where on earth do I install NetBeui?! I did it before and cant find it again! (XP) Man this is WHY I hate the German OS...I havent studyied them!
you'd need a router if you only want to use a single network card in each PC.

a second network card is cheaper than that.

as for installing netbeui, rightclicking on the "network" icon on the desktop, then properties, then add (hinzufügen), then protocol should do the trick.
I tried that and it said something else....

I right clicked the LAN verbindung

Also I HAVE 2000 but cant use....(Another issue)

Might have to buy a new lan card. UNLESS Someone knows how 98 can host ICS and have XP connect to it.

(My 98 has 2 cards)
actually with sygate, and some other nat programs, you don't have to have 2 cards in the host computer. you can put the modem on the uplink port on the hub and have one with an internal (typically c class) ip, and the other configured for the modem. obviously this is much slower than having seperate nic's...

here's some more info:

AHHHH Finally!

Yea I already have the DSL into the uplink...

Made life easier enough that we could logon seperatly and still be networked....

At home on Cable I did same but then I bought a second IP and everything worked as well..

Looks like I gotta visit my online blockbuster......::Runs to store::