Ironically interesting!

I thought you were referring to a mutiny among upper management there. You got me all excited for nothing.
I think this board is funny, since 90% of VCDs are illegal bootlegs.

I think eBay should ban the selling of VCDs; most idiots on eBay don't understand the difference between VCDs and DVDs and are lucky enough to have a newer DVD player that accepts them. They also don't know that VCD's usual retail price is $5 not $20. Dumbasses...
The biggest reason I think they should be banned is they're not really legal; it'd be like me selling a burned cd of roms.
Well, on the internet, most people use VCDs for pirating. However, almost all Chinese movies were produced for VCD rather than VHS (in North Amarica). In Asia, the big companys which all operate here sell the same movies, but for VCD format. In China, VCD was the format of yesteryear, not VHS. However, if you aren't buying a Chinese movie, you're probably getting a pirated VCD (i.e, if your Chinese movie has no hologram, in which case it's pirated as well).
It makes sense to use VCD instead of VHS; there is a lot less material used in the production of a plasitice disc as compared to many meters of coated plastic.

My two cents:

Most VCDs are illegal pirate copies over here in North America. Trying to get a VCD to run on a PC took me two hours. Errr... why did my uncle get a Dell without a CD-RW drive?
I don't even think most Chinese (Asian) VCDs are legal. I doubt they send money to the film companies for a movie that hasn't even come out yet. Most of the stuff that comes out of China is pirated: games... music... so why wouldn't movies be?
Chinese movies, as well as English movies, usualy come out first in Asia (e.g., Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). As long as you buy the CD and it's from the original company (e.g., B.O.B, Mei Ah, UFO, Universal, Sony, etc.), you're usually fine. But even if pirates copy the logos and everything, the original CDs all come with holographic marks (like Microsoft) which proves that they in fact did come from those sources.

Of course, there is general pirating as well, but obviously, there are loads of original products sold too. Otherwise, such industries would have folded a long time ago.