Lets localize Terra Phantastica!

So I did put some placeholder item descriptions in while Nerf works on finalizing the text:
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Some item names will change, and I'm sure the description text will as well but it still feels like progress to me!
(and its something I can show in a screen shot other then hex editor captures)

Most (all?) of the formation names are also in place......
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But some still need their descriptive text inserted
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I reallllllly hope people give this game a go after all this work is done.
Wow! This looks very good! Clean and professional looking. Probably gonna be your best work yet!
Just chuggin along*, doing what I can until we can implement the VFW routine

More menu text located and translated


And some more intermission menus translated as well.


* the text isnt finalized and should be considered placeholder for now.
Hello, I'm looking around at projects that might need a translator and came across this one. I'd be interested in talking about just how big of a script it is, feel free to PM me or get in touch with me via the Discord, thanks.
There's a ton of text and I'm working on an automated way of extracting it. I currently have someone for translation work , but if anything changes or we need extra help I'll let you know!
I made an account just to let you know how excited I am for this game translation. Is there any busy work someone who doesn't know Japanese or any editing of roms?
I'm willing to help just let me know if any smaller job is necessary
Awesome to see :)

I assume you're going to adjust that lowercase i tile though? It's definitely padded too much on the left.
Yeah theres a spacing bug i need to fix. Its supposed to compute the width on the fly and leave one pixel between each character in a word. Something odd seems to be happening when a character is 1 pixel wide
Awesome to see :)

I assume you're going to adjust that lowercase i tile though? It's definitely padded too much on the left.
We were going to but now I think I'll leave it in just to bug you :p

If it becomes a time sink to get it padded via coding I can always just edit the letter "i" to be more "stylized" and be 2 or 3 pixels wide. Same for any other 1 pixel wide characters.
Hey I made an account to learn about Sega Saturn dev and saw this translation project. I'm proficient in Japanese so if you need any translation help at all, I'd love to contribute. Feel free to message me on discord (flannerypancakes) with whatever needs to be translated!

I also saw someone mention using google translate to translate the manual, but google translate is very bad for languages like Japanese and would likely lose a lot of detail/be wrong in many places. I would recommend using DeepL for any machine translation if needed.