letting a prog

Have any of you noticed that letting a program get the name of songs off the internet for your cds isn't always accurate?

i got the names of the tracks for nirvana unplugged of the internet awhile ago(a damn long time ago) and i just noticed that the song Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam is named jesus doesn't want me for a sinbeam.
Yes, there are a lot of idiots out there who apparently are unable to successfully complete the simple task of copying a tracklist from the back of a record sleeve. Most recently I noticed that the Aphex Twin track "Flim" from the Come to Daddy CD was misspelled as "Fim". So the name is a bit unusual but come on, it's only four goddamn letters to get right!
What I hate that happens to me sometimes, is that the cddb gives me some bs tracklist from some other cd, it happened to me with my bob dylans greatest hits, and what is even worse, is when it retrives some tracklist from a mix cd that some schmo made. Why would someone register their damn mix cd tracklist with the cddb?!?!?