Light guns and game incompatibilities

I have some previous threads where I was going on about the DC light guns, and how they're aren't working well with my TV.

The StarFire didn't work with HotD2, because the shot keeps jittering about + or - 4 inches from the target randomly. The "phaser" and the handgun both are steady shooting (no jittering), although none of the guns will hit near the edges or corners, which makes it impossible to calibrate the guns, since the darned game makes you shoot the four corners to calibrate. So the shot is always a little up and to the left.

I just played Confidential Mission for the first time. I had a different experience. The "phaser" gun will not fire when auto-reload (or AR+F) is turned on. The screen flashes like its firing, but the shot never appears on the screen. I think it's just reloading like a shot off-screen. If I turn AR off, then it fires single-shots correctly. So I tried the StarFire, and that actually works with CM without any of that wide awful jittering at all. It works actualy very well. Also, the small pistol (with vibration) also works with CM. I was afraid that it wouldn't, since I heard that most foreign, unknown DC light guns won't work on games other than HotD2.

I just thought it was weird that the performance of two guns would be so drastically different between two games.